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Voice Of a Dream — Malaysian Actor Cedric Loo Is the Next Big Thing

"A lot of people including relatives told me that I was wasting my time."

01 Jun 2020
#TheObsessions — These are Beyond The Vines Daniel Chew’s Favourite Things

"The end itself is to simplify and enrich people’s life through good design."

28 May 2020
23 Of The Must-Have Menswear Accessories Of The Season

Escape the monotony of the everyday routine.

27 May 2020
Welcome to The Wearability of Pre-Fall ’20 Menswear Trends

Theses are ambitions of what menswear could do.

26 May 2020
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Underrated Vintage Watches that Deserve More Attention

Not your regular thrift shopping.

27 May 2020
Bulgari’s Online Singapore Shop Goes Live

How else are you gonna stand out in a Zoom call with 10 people wearing their sloppiest best?

21 May 2020
An Exploration Of Common Watchmaking Materials

Steel is just the tip of the iceberg.

13 May 2020
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#DeliveryDiaries — Chef Nipaporn Doungiaisantisuk on Blue Jasmine’s Delivery Menu

"VIPs of the Thai royal kingdom weren't given regular red curry but with fruits."

26 May 2020
#DeliveryDiaries — Chef Paul Lim on Fat Prince’s Delivery Menu

"Spread it on warm toast and let it melt into the bread pockets, yum!"

24 May 2020
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#Chef’sSecret – Preludio’s Chef Fernando on His Ceviche Recipe

All you need is are tomatoes, shellfish and some courage.

30 May 2020
How debunk.urfunk is Lending A Voice to Minorities in Singapore

"Because she has never managed to articulate years of hurt and oppress ..

29 May 2020
#MFMF56: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s I’ll Try Anything Once Playlist

"I'm from the streets that'll chew you up and spit you out quick."

29 May 2020
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On the Charm Offensive — Darren Wang in Our May ’20 The Experiental Issue

"I could have landed a role in the film as a Chinese Marvel superhero!"

01 May 2020
An Actor’s Mark — Jasper Liu in Our April ’20 Loud and Proud Issue

Thespian Jasper Liu opens up about acting and an actor’s legacy.

01 Apr 2020
Cosmic Boy — Desmond Tan In Our March ’20 Big Blast Issue

"I love the challenge and I'm still awaiting for such roles that will need me to put on or shed loads of weight.”

05 Mar 2020
Breaking Down the Beat — Two-Time World Beatboxer Champion Dharni In Our February ’20 Issue

"I was never musically inclined as a child, but I've always been creative."

01 Feb 2020
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