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Acqua di Parma’s Zesty, Square Deal

  • By Charmaine Tan

Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Yellow Candle Cube is sunshine in a cube.

Frankly, it is rather difficult to be enthused about a newly launched candle, especially if one is already an aficionado at scenting his personal spaces. However, Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Yellow Candle Cube is an entirely different proposition. Firstly, it burns to diffuse the brand’s iconic Colonia scent of zesty Calabrian bergamot, aromatic lavender and herbaceous rosemary for up to 120 hours — transporting one to a summery Sicily day. Then, there is its shape, which has to be laboriously fashioned by an artisan’s hand over three days before its wick is again skilfully manipulated where it is hand-polished so that the wax burns cleanly with no tunnelling

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