A Look Behind the La Clique Singapore Show by Show Director David Bates

"There is always some danger with aerial acts but it’s a calculated risk."

#TheObsessions — Maiko Makito of Pearl FALCO Shares Her Favourite Things

"Nature and people I meet across cultures have always acted as the core of my inspirations."

Vivian Chan of VP Yachts is Turning the Tide In the Yachting World

"I think it’s important to know the whole experience of boating and I’m learning something new every day.”

Wesley de Souza of EVOLVE MMA Maps Out the Future of Digital Fitness

"Digital fitness is about creating accessibility to fitness and martial arts training, wherever in the world you may be."

Lawrence Weiner’s “OUT OF SIGHT” Exhibition Has Now Landed in Singapore

"By reflecting on who they are, who they want to be – and how they aim to get there."

Lewloh is Missing Him in Michigan For His Latest Album

"A love that is less impulsive and dramatic — and more stable."

#TheObsessions — Artist and Songwriter Scott Quinn Shares His Favourite Things

"I think music is one of the strongest healing forces in the world."

Shea Ng is Back with “The Bird and The Fish”

"Yet it may be the dissonance that makes the journey beautiful."

#TheObsessions — Artist and Entrepreneur jaye Shares His Favourite Things

"I find them to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s art."

Andrew Li has Finally Expanded the ZOUK Group Into Vegas

"There is a palpable energy in Vegas that I don’t think you will get anywhere else in the world."

Charlene Kuah of Objects of Mass Distraction Documents her Punk Rocks Ring Collection

"Since this was a spoof on fine jewellery, the visuals had to look polished and refined."

#TheObsessions — Director of The PR People Diana Ong Shares Her Favourite Things

"I started with Warcraft, then Starcraft, and am now waiting for Diablo 4 to be released."