Visual Artist Koh Sang Woo Paints the World in Reverse

"Every time I feel like I need to voice an opinion, I create a self portrait. Safety of many tested through verbal attacks."

Jason Yu on His Latest Single “Now I Know”

"And it’s that realisation that helps me change to become a better person and move on."

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#MFMF65: Editor-In-Chief Wilson’s Bath Time Playlist

Sorry folks, no lyrics here. Seriously.

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#TheObsessions — These are Hip Hop Artist ABANGSAPAU’s Favourite Things

"I’ve since made it a quintessential part of the ABANGSAPAU style."

Welcome to the Trippy and Magical World of Visual Artist Mojoko

"I think I have a British sense of humour, but I’m not particularly patriotic about the UK".

The Birds, Bees and Gender Discrimination According to Dr Martha Tara Lee

"Hurt people hurt others. Healed people have the capacity to heal others."

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#MFMF64: Digital Editor Bryan’s Put It Back On Playlist

"But you ain't looking at no other dudes cause you love me."

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#TheObsessions — These are Actor Garialdi Salim’s Favourite Things

"The thrill of spotting rare creatures during dives is also a plus!"

#MensFolioMeets Thomas Peacock-Nazil, the Man Behind Seven Clean Seas

"We have removed 57,000kg plastic from the marine environment so far".

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Six Restaurants Elevating the Local Grocery Delivery Experience

Have you ever eaten the best butter in the world?

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#MFMF63: Fashion Stylist & Writer Manfred’s Basic TikTok Boy Playlist

“Take me to your best friend’s house, I loved you then and I love you now”

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#TheObsessions — These are Fariz Jabba’s Favourite Things

"I love my coconut water. Like a lot. Sometimes too much."

A One Note on One Night Stands

"Pillow talk first, shopping for furniture together at Ikea next."

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#MFMF62: Associate Editor Izwan’s Skins Inspired Playlist

"New York I love you but you're bringing me down."

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#MensFolioMeets Gibran Baydoun, One of The Men Behind Lucali BYGB

"It’s what a restaurant should feel like: not a restaurant."

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