Modern Man Cave Essentials For an Equally Modern Man

Guaranteed to impress anyone who enters.

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Khairudin Saharom Curates Five Virtual Travelling Documentaries

"And because it is hosted by David Attenborough."

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Chill Out this Month like A Film Director aka Royston Tan

"A good alternative to distract yourself from the screams of Mariah Carey".

Lifestyle / Wine & Dine -

Chef Addis Tan of 8ASH Wants You to Eat Three Kinds of Cuisine in One Sitting

"I’m always pushing my team to create new dishes. So if we feel like a dish is ready to go, we’ll put it on the menu!"

Lifestyle / Wine & Dine -
Iwan Suastika Crafts A Vividly Coloured Universe of Fantastical Beasts

"I like to speak through symbols, it makes it easier for me to express feelings or something through visual language."

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Balaji Vijayachandran is The Chef Behind So France’s Gastronomic Delights

"We’re able to offer a slice of France to our Singapore diners because at least 70 per cent of what we use in the kitchen is fro ..

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#TheObsessions — Yang Meng AKA Five Ocean Bright Shares his Favourite Things

"I enjoy the exchange of a  simple smile between strangers and how life can just be."

Tan Bee Thiam Takes us Through the Filming of Tiong Bahru Social Club

"What if happiness can be concocted like chwee kueh and franchised so everyone can have a slice of Tiong Bahru happiness?"

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Denver Low of GudSht is Bottling Positivity in His Cocktails

""We pride ourselves on being fun & approachable, and GudSht was created for the masses to enjoy."

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Joel Choo Has High Hopes for Our Local Music Scene

"I think our local music is on a similar level with stars from America or China."