Dr Ramnish Vohra Lays Out the Path to The Pursuit of Happiness

"We are all primed to succeed. Not in competition, but in our own abilities, our passion and our calling."

The Future of Creative Agencies According to 160 Works

"Perhaps, the only thing that cannot be replaced as of now is the emotional aspect or the humanisation element of a person’s inp ..

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The Good Kombucha on The Real Benefits of Kombucha (Now Say it Five Times)

"Tastes great and bonus points, you’ll get a beautiful poop session."

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Art and Music Mark Every Piece of Soni Irawan’s Chaotic Compositions

"All of them are visualisations of the sounds and characters of me playing guitar: spontaneous, rough and innocent."

#TheObsessions — Faiyaz aka Fixated_F Shares his Favourite Things

"The sets, the costumes, the music, the dance - every aspect inspires and informs the work that I create."

#MensFolioMeets Joshua Chan, the Man Behind Ergonomic Office Chair Ergotune

"To spare you all the boring details, just know that we provide an industry leading 12 years warranty to back this confidence up!" ..

The Motivation Behind the Moves of Ballet Dancer Friedemann Vogel

"Without a strong base, it’s difficult to be strong, or to spread your wings. I’m lucky to have Stuttgart as my base."

Dasa Dharamahsena on How He’s Reshaping the Local Comedy Scene

"My brand of comedy is a response to life — sad, weird, happy and embarrassing moments can be made funny.

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#TheObsessions — Tovey Melody Shares her Favourite Things

"Introspection and reflection play a huge part in my creative process."

#MensFolioMeets Priscilla Shunmugam on Her Suvarnabumi Rattan Furniture Line

"Will we be left with unapologetic copies of the same pretzel chairs?"

#ManCrushMonday — Nam Joo-Hyuk Talks About his Role as Hong In-Pyo In The School Nurse Files

"He is rediscovering and growing into a greater version of himself when he realises he can be the support system of someone else." ..

#TheObsessions — Joshua Koh Shares his Favourite Things

"Maybe it’s just the fuzzies talking, but dogs are the most loyal animals one can have in their life."

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George Koutsakis Curates Eight of The Best Whiskies of 2020

Fyi, he appeared on “The Most Expensivest” show alongside 2 Chainz.

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#MFMF72: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s Flossy Flossy Playlist

"From my mouth, I could sing you another brick that I laid."

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