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Smile Yourself Radiantly With Whiter Teeth

  • By Asaph Low

At an age where teeth stains are the bane of the time-starved, especially coffee, tea, pinot noir (or anyone else under the sun) drinkers, Colgate devised a speedy fix while you’re between bi-annual dental appointments. The Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Kit, latest addition to the Colgate Optic White O2 teeth whitening family, delivers at-home professional supercharged teeth whitening action in 10 minutes when used every night. Purchasing the Colgate teeth whitening kit is just as convenient too either with a trip to your nearest Watsons or NTUC Fairprice store or accessing Colgate’s Shopee & Lazada platforms.

This Colgate teeth whitening kit comprises the Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED device and Optic White O2 Teeth Whitening Pen. The secret to achieving three shades of whiter teeth is incorporating the teeth whitening duo into your daily oral beauty regimen for 10 minutes every night.

Here are six simple steps to achieving whiter teeth with the Colgate teeth whitening kit.
Step 1: Gently dab dry your teeth after teeth brushing.
Step 2: Click the Optic White O2 Teeth Whitening Pen to release the Active Oxygen Whitening serum.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of the serum on your teeth; remember less is more.
Step 4: Slip the O2 FlexLight LED device into your mouth while gently shaping it to the contours of your teeth and gum by gently tapping it.
Step 5: Power the device on and wear it for 10 minutes to supercharge the Active Oxygen serum.
Step 6: After cleaning the device, let the whitening magic begin while you’re asleep. Brush your teeth as usual the following morning.

While the device appears fairly simple, it packs Colgate’s revolutionary Active Oxygen Whitening technology that acts as the catalyst for the whitening process. Concentrated active oxygen found in the serum whitens teeth from the inside out without causing any sensitivity. Upon application of the teeth whitening serum, a smudge-proof layer of concentrated active oxygen forms. Thereafter, Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Device supercharges the teeth whitening action thanks to a high energy wavelength patented indigo light technology instead of conventional blue light. 

Incorporating the Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Kit into your oral beauty regime doesn’t require a massive undertaking. Just as you religiously follow through beauty or grooming routines, the Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Kit slips seamlessly into an oral beauty regime after brushing your teeth.

Plug the device into your mobile phone port and enjoy a 10-minute at-home professional supercharged teeth whitening session. Its lightweight, portable and ease-of-use nature offers that added convenience, allowing you to use it while lying on the bed bingeing The Brothers Sun series, having a session on the home step-up machine or meditating during a pre-sleep lotus pose session. A word of advice, though: make sure not to fall asleep with the device. Grin to yourself silly in the mirror the following morning as you wake to a set of pearly whites, and remember to flaunt your radiant smile.

The product has been featured on Try & Review, an online community where consumers test products and share reviews to assist fellow shoppers in making better purchases.

The Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Kits received high praise, with 94%* of testers recommending the product to other shoppers. Overall, users are satisfied with its convenience, as it helps with:

“Quite amazing to see how my teeth has whitened after several uses. Only takes 10 minutes every day…” by Q***

“Tried for 7 days…noticeable whitening of about 1 to 2 shades whiter. Overall an effective and easy-to-use whitening kit…” by S***

*NPS survey answered 7 and above on a scale from 0 to 10 on, by 81 out of 86 testers based in Singapore and Malaysia as of 06/11/23.

Individual results may vary and are based on a 3-week clinical study with once a day application, vs brushing alone. This story is brought to you in partnership with Colgate. The Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Kit is available at Watson, Colgate’s Shopee & Lazada, with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. The Optic White O2 Teeth Whitening Pen can be bought separately as a refill.

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