Fire Burning: Ro Woon from SF9 in the June/July’19 Issue

Beyond his cool demeanour, Ro Woon, of Korean boyband SF9, is just a down-to-earth lad fiercely living his dreams.

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Steel Timepieces Fit a Sculpted Body

The humblest metal in watchmaking is currently receiving all the perks.

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Highlights From Paris Men’s Fashion Week SS’20

Bonjour fellow fashionistas, Paris brings you a tasteful wrap up of what the world has seen from the SS'20 Men's Fashion Weeks.  ..

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Men’s Folio Designer of the Year 2019: Open For Submissions

The theme this year is "Duality".

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Hot-Bod Accessories

With great dressing comes great accessories, especially if they bring out that hot summer body you've been working on all year. Le ..

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Styles That Bring Out The Summer Body

Highlight the details of your hot bod.

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Things To Do For The Adventurous Singaporean

Nothing sucks more than being a thrill-seeking explorer trapped within city walls. Lucky for those who want to live it up in the g ..

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LIVESTREAM: Hermès Spring/Summer’20 Fashion Show

Catch the Hermès Spring/Summer'20 show LIVE here on men'

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Wander into the Louis Vuitton Singapore Bar Privé where the maison’s most luxurious collections are found; the convergence of a ..

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LIVESTREAM: Dior Men’s Spring/Summer’20 Fashion Show

Catch the Dior Men's Spring/Summer'20 show LIVE here on men'

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Highlights From Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS’20

"Milan darling, Milan."

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LIVESTREAM: Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer’20 Fashion Show

Catch the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer'20 show LIVE here on men'

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Brightening Creams For Brighter Moods

A brighter complexion literally makes you come alive.

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Saint Laurent Rive Droite

The new Paris destination.

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Hotshot Hour with Watches that Evoke Larger-than-Life Experiences

Summer is a time for action and adventure.

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Colour Theory: Rado True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier

"Colour is an incredibly effective triggering tool. Colour is a factor of our existence."

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Accessories that Spice Up A Tee-and-Jeans Look

Definitely possible.

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Highlights From Pitti Uomo SS’20

One can expect Pitti Uomo SS'20 to bring out the vibrancy of the dapper Italian gent! The blend of styles influenced by different ..

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Camp Lost Boys

The Met Gala 2019 was a crisis in camp as men still preferred to be handsome.

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Cocktail Bars to Check Out This Summer

Sitting at the beach, feeling your feet in the sand and sipping on a summer cocktail — that is the relaxing spirit of summer for ..

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