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The Robertson House: A Vestige Of British Colonial Architecture

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Enter the world of The Robertson House, the brand new British colonial hotel in the Lion City.

There is an enduring allure to British colonial architecture — it is a totem of a cultural identity that is steeped in time-honoured heritage, a paragon of time-transcending architectural concept that is free from the shackle of trends and fads, and a jewel of old-world charm that sets it apart from the run-of-the-mill buildings.

The Robertson House — part of The Crest Collection — is a prime example. Opened to the public in October last year, the five-star hotel is located at the Robertson Quay in Singapore — a burgeoning area buzzing with lively nightlife and culinary establishments.

Upon arrival, the multicultural interior design heaves into sight. The arresting contrast between the anachronistic influence from the West and stylistic elements of the East unfurls — verdant foliage, jungle-themed artworks, rattan chairs, walnut wood and mosaic ottoman coffee tables — inviting guests to a space that is stately decorated with an interplay of lightness and darkness, instilled with a tinge of tropical allure.

When it comes to The Robertson House, what leaves an indelible impression — besides the striking lobby, of course — is the heavenly scent that wafts over every visitor. The signature aroma is not a ubiquitous scent but an exclusive one inspired by the spices and teas traded along the quayside of the past, representing a piece of history that chronicles the story of the once-bustling entrepôt trade hub.

The colonial property spans 10 storeys and boasts 336 rooms and suites that put the guests in the lap of luxury. Like its signature scent, the accommodations also take a cue from its illustrious history. With six different themes, each suite is named after the spices traded in Singapore’s heyday as a hive of trading — Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Cassia, Cardamom and Ginger. Elevating the sybaritic experience are Clarke Quay’s scenic views and the nostalgic photographs of the Singapore River.

For a swanky hotel like The Robertson House, the dining experience is no less impressive. Nestled at the lobby level, Entrepôt serves all-day culinary offerings inspired by Anglo-Asian flavours, which pays homage to Singapore’s quayside story. Expect to get your hunger pangs fixed with a selection of palate-whetting dishes like Chinese Terracotta Tea — an appetising tea-infused Chinese dried mushroom consommé — and Angelica Root Chicken Roast, a French corn-fed chicken smoked with dried angelica root. The Robertson House Gin and Dr Robertson’s Lager are available for those who crave alcoholic specialities. The former is an exclusive craft gin infused with sense-awakening spices, while the latter is a unique beer laced with a hint of floral aroma.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Folio Malaysia. The Robertson House by The Crest Collection is located at 1 Unity St, Singapore 237983. For more information, visit its website here. Once you are done with this story, click here to catch up with our February 2024 issue.