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How to Buzz Cut at Home for Maximum Quarantine Freshness

How to Buzz Cut at Home for Maximum Quarantine Freshness

Have you had enough of the mess on your head (the one where your eyes are on)? Have you thrown all of your hair care products into the bin like a female protagonist in a rom-com post breakup? Have you googled “how to buzz cut” but everybody is just pointing you to YouTube links?

Well, if you’re thinking of doing the dirty then you’re going to want to put down the pair of rusty scissors you’re holding because you really need to read the advice we’re going to give you. Britney in 2007 or Brad Pitt in Fight Club? Here’s what you need to expect for your virgin shave and more importantly, how to really do it right.

Pictured above: Noma Han in Gucci for our March 2017 issue.

Know your head shape and go for it anyway
Your head shape dictates how good you’ll look bald, but the former is only obvious once you’ve done the full deed. To prevent any scares, check your shape for bumps, ridges and flatness. If you have a few of the “textures” above, a buzz cut works better.

If you’re unconcerned and want to take the plunge, yeah buddy, you can still go fully bald. You just have to get comfortable with your head’s natural shape.

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Truth be told, there’s no wrong or good time to go bald, even though you might have a head full of hair or if it’s thinning out. While other titles might tell you to go to a barber for your first shave, we’re renegades.

We’re here to tell you that your virgin experience can be conducted by yourself — start slow and go inch by inch. Start at the top by going and forth and front to back before going crazy and taking your clipper in all directions.

Once you’ve shaved the top layer down, you’re going to want to work deeper. One tip we have would be to buzz against the grain of your hair growth so that you’re pushing the hair upwards as you go. Doing the opposite causes longer strands of hair to lie flat and avoid being cut. Once you’ve nearly reached your scalp, move on to your sideburns before stopping at the back of your head.

Do you have a family member you can genuinely trust to help you shave the back of your head? If yes, we’re jealous. If no, they can hold up a mirror for you while you do it yourself.

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And because we’re renegades albeit the sane kind, we’re gonna tell you this — do not attempt a fade around your entire dome. Your barber has actually gone to school to learn to do this while you’re just a dude with a blind spot in the back of your head.

Once you’re done with the dirty, pat yourself on the back for your bravado. You’re now the freshest guy on Zoom meetings.