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The Men’s Folio Editorial Team’s Favourite Videos to Dance To

The Men’s Folio Editorial Team’s Favourite Videos to Dance To

You’re done rewatching the entire Bon Appetit series, you’ve exhausted your body from a certain solo sordid activity and now you’re thinking, how now? Well, here, the Men’s Folio editorial team’s favourite videos to dance to.

Editor-in-Chief Wilson Lim: Steve Aoki at Mainstage, Tomorrowland Winter 2019

There is no way we are talking about videos to dance to without listing a music festival — at least for me (#EDMFTW). Pump the bass, get a projector and have this video screened throughout the room to feel as if you’re at the actual grounds.

To up the game, wear a denim jacket and crank the AC to the lowest. So many people gathering to party — feels like utopia.

Digital Editor Bryan Goh: You Should Be Dancing by Bee Gees

Not a music video per se but this is a recording of one of the greatest live shows of all time — Soultrain. The first time I saw this performance was when I was seven years old at my uncle’s house where we would spend hours watching tape recordings he imported from the US.

I always wished I could be one of the dancers but I realised the way I dance makes me look like I am demonically possessed. 

Oh well, no one can see me do it in the confines of my own room anyways.

Associate Watch & Features Editor Asaph Low: The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala

Let the King of Coachella take you on a roller coaster ride with his infectious tunes. Crank the volume up a few notches, close your eyes and let the tunes take over your feet and body.

Fashion Stylist & Writer Manfred Lu: Say So by Doja Cat

Tiktok might have brought about the cringiest videos ever, but this #saysochallenge video proves otherwise. To the Oscar winning actress Laura Dern, keep rolling those punches — just try not to kill your daughter in the process.

Associate Art Director Izwan Abdullah: Just Like Honey by The Jesus & Mary Chain

This beautiful track from the forever kings of cool, The Jesus & Mary Chain, is perfect because it’s emotional yet paradoxically relaxing.