Sixth Sense — Lim Young-Min Of AB6IX in the December/January ’20 Festive Issue

"Do you like fried chicken? I like seasoned chicken!"

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#MFMF34: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s Cry-In-the-Shower Playlist

"A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell?"

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How To Look Even More Handsome While Sleeping

Here, six night time buddies who will make you look so.

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#MensFolioMeets Dylan Breugne of Maison 21G on the Best Cologne for Men

"A little spritz on the underwear also doesn’t hurt."

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#ManCrushMonday — Benjamin Kheng’s Aloha Dad Shirt Swerve in Gucci

In the past 24 hours as a body of mankind who strive for scientific successes, we have accomplished some feats — we decoded ..

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Gentlemen, it’s Time to Lube your Body Up with a Moisturiser

A good body needs to be soft to the touch too.

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Big Time — the Island Boys Collective Take Time With Swatch’s BIG BOLD Collection

The 47mm case of the Swatch BIG BOLD watches requires an equally substantial personality to pull off.

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#MensFolioMeets Brett Bayly for a Mini Starter Crash Course on Glenfiddich Whisky

"There are amazing whiskies being made all over the world, in places you may not expect, including Singapore!!"

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A Timeline of 2019’s Designer Takeovers from Dior Men to Louis Vuitton

The rise of the SNAG, Streetwear God and Studio '54 champion.

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#ManCrushMonday — On Joo Wan’s Simple Swerve in Givenchy

The 35 year old zaddy has a lot to teach.

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About Face — a Discussion on Jawline Botox

Like the restoration of artwork, the finesse in facial fillers requires a light but steady touch.

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#MensFolioMeets Ox Street for the Simplest Solution to Cop Grails

"Nobody wants to wait for 30 minutes at an MRT station for a seller."

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ETERNITY Calvin Klein Is the New Standard For Men’s Fragrances

The 2.0 of the iconic fragrance takes on a more sensitive side.

Grooming -
#ManCrushMonday — SuperM Lucas Wong’s Triple Burberry Fit

Start with the classics, ending with the drip.

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Sandro Mandrino Takes 3 Moncler Grenoble from the Mountains To Woodstock

"My idea was to convey the music festival vibes in a ski collection and 3 Moncler Grenoble was the result!"

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