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Fresh Greens — Thirteen Clarifying, Soothing And Hydrating Skincare Products With Vegetable Ingredients

Fresh Greens — Thirteen Clarifying, Soothing And Hydrating Skincare Products With Vegetable Ingredients

A burst of freshness, a soothing shot of relief, and a clarifying sweep – these are greens that should go on one’s face.

From top left: Hanz De Fuko Hair Oil A 100 per cent vegan product, this oil is a blend of four – argan to impart shine, jojoba to reduce loss, vitamin E to strengthen, and grape seed for growth, SK-II Atmosphere Airy Light UV Cream SPF50+ PA++++ The prickly plant helps protect one’s skin from environmental damage while ume (Japanese Plum) prevents skin dullness with its antioxidant and anti- glycation properties, Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence Formulated with 20 times more active ginseng extracts to enhance the efficacy and potency of the essence, one can use this daily as a leave-on treatment to combat hair loss, Albion Flora Drip  White koji (a Japanese fungus) has been distilled into an anti-ageing essence that is blended with other ingredients such as lemon balm, thyme, and cornflower to alleviate sallow skin, Thann Detoxifying Clay Mask Three kinds of clarifying clays work in tandem with moisturising rice bran oil as well as soothing rose and cucumber extracts to detoxify and rebalance skin, Kylaz Spot Off Treatment Packed with eight active ingredients, from chamomile extract (anti-bacterial) to licorice root extract (anti- inflammatory), this treatment can be used day or night.

Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion The chamber on its front contains 100 per cent hydrating blue orchid oil, and flanking it is an emulsion that restores radiance with three oils, Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Serum Skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid is blended with four different plants – thyme, olive, and cucumber that soothes and eucalyptus leaf to purify, Philosophy Nature In a Jar Gentle Detoxifying Cleanser A rich, creamy lather instantly leaves one’s skin feeling comfortable, balanced, and healthy post-wash thanks to the inclusion of anti-oxidising and detoxifying agave, Kew Organics Divinely Gentle Exfoliant Powder  Oatmeal and blueberries work as anti-inflammatory agents while organic rice and bamboo powder gently slough off dead skin cells, even for sensitive skin, Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream  Super lotus captures the multi-benefit properties of the plant (hydrating, radiance-boosting, and protection with antioxidants) and peach leaf extract refreshes the skin overnight to eliminate signs of stress, Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum  Referred to as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, the reishi mushroom in this lightweight serum soothes irritated skin while reducing under-eye puffiness, Crabtree & Evelyn Garden Greens Oil Booster Kale fights free radicals, spinach rejuvenates the skin, and broccoli detoxifies; use this oil independently for glowing skin or mix into a cream for a richer end to one’s regime.

Photography Jeff Chang
Styling Bryan Goh

This story first appeared in the March ’20 issue of Men’s Folio Singapore.