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13 Last Minute Designer Shopping Gift Ideas For Men

13 Last Minute Designer Shopping Gift Ideas For Men

Step 1 to shopping for a gift:
bear in mind that gender is a societal construct that limits the potential of us humans. The frown you get when you tell people you bought a Dior Men Airpod Case is also a societal construct so live a little.

Step 2 to shopping for a gift: remember that you are buying a gift for a man in your life after all. Then again, no harm adding x2 to cart.

Bottega Veneta Calf Leather Document Case

A guaranteed pleaser for the label snobs, artisanal snobs, and all around snobs on your list. It can also be for you too, an ordinary dude who likes nice things.

Burberry Reversible Monogram Motif Grainy Leather Belt

The gift that keeps on giving comes two ways — a vibrant red out of the box and a deep black when you flip it the other way.

Dior Men Calfskin Case for Airpods

If you’ve already spent $374 on a pair of Airpod Pros then what is another $340 to house them right?

Dolce&Gabbana Bandana Print Nylon Jacket

A bandana printed hoodie isn’t a cop out, it’s a way to make sure you stand out from #techbros or men who just don’t really care.

Fendi Iphone X Case

Say goodbye to “did you also buy this on Shopee?”, “bro, is this your phone or mine?” or “aren’t you scared you’ll smash your phone by accident?”

Givenchy Wing Leather High Sneakers

Part sporty and part Japanese streetwear god, Givenchy’s Wing high sneakers are the fashion forward upgrade of the humble white sneaker.

Gucci Silver K Necklace

Consider the letter on this necklace as your new response to out of office emails over the holiday season or Whatsapp messages from your boss.

Hermès Pas de Lezard Tie

It has a Tyranosaurus on it! It comes in the same colour as its iconic box! It’s guaranteed to liven up a stuffy suit! It’s now shoppable on the brand’s site!

Prada Technical Fabric and Saffiano Leather Backpack

Sophisticated enough for the workplace and hold its weight in swag for the weekend. Yes, even if you’re going on a hike.

Saint Laurent Felt Fedora

We thought the fedora died along with Jason Mraz’s career but when one of the world’s coolest brands do it, it’s a yes again from us.

Versace Barocco Silk Twill Western Shirt

To get you set for warmer I-can’t-believe-I-can-physically-perspire-down-there days, here is a Hawaiian-inspired shirt in all its gaudy glory.

Louis Vuitton 2054 Monogram Stole

Truth be told a stole is really just a long piece of printed fabric but where does it shine? When you are sick of slumming it up on an economy class flight.

Ermenegildo Zegna Pelletessuta™ Headphones

Designed in collaboration with headphone titan Master & Dynamic, the headphones’ hand-stitched details and leather weaving will make you look cooler even if you’re listening to Taylor Swift.