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Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei: Where Age Holds No Limits

  • By Manfred Lu

Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei: Where Age Holds No Limits Even after 29 years, the Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei makes brand-new hotels feel outdated — thanks to its warm and lavish interiors, award-winning dining options, idyllic spa offerings, and impeccable hospitality. 

When it comes to hotels, age is often a deterrence. Brewing amongst younger travellers is a common perception that an older hotel is easily considered far less attractive than a brand-new one. Perhaps, with novel interior styles and lifestyle offerings becoming far more complex, and competitive, there is reason to stand by this. After all, it is easier to enjoy a shiny, pristine residence — bonus points for certain dramatic factors worthy of posting on social media — than one that may seem dated.

But those who have spent most of their time at hotels across the world would know that with age comes three simple ecologies that make a good hotel — space, consistency and assurance. In this instance, as Taipei begins its transition into complete modernisation, the recent developments of newer hotels have not quite hindered the fact that its very own Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei, at 29 years old, is still the city’s most ideal option.

Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei: Where Age Holds No Limits
That is often the case for Shangri-La properties worldwide. With a personality encompassing the highest qualities of comfort and service, there has not been a need to adapt to current trends. Each property sports the same floral aroma, comes with a grand entrance, and boasts large rooms with furnishing that rivals Eastern palaces. Likewise, for Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei, its position as the city’s tallest hotel means it already has much more on offer than what one would expect from its younger, boutique-style counterparts. Having completed a NT$ 1.5 billion (approximately US$ 50 million) renovation programme in May 2015, every inch of the hotel carries an inoffensive, timeless demeanour that feels just as ornate as it is refreshing. It is no wonder they won the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award for 2023.

Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei: Where Age Holds No Limits
The Perfect
Situated well in the centre of the tree-lined Tun Hwa South Road in the Daan District, and with its instant connection to not one, but two public transit lines (Tamsui-Xinyi Line and Wenhu Line), the hotel benefits from being in the middle of all of Taipei’s must-dos. Taipei 101, and its surrounding malls, stand just a ten-minute drive away. Popular night markets such as Shida and Tonghua are all within walking distance.

Impeccable Rooms & Suites
The character of Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei combines the values of both East and West. With western set-ups in each of its vast rooms and suites — all inclusive of a spacious working desk, a large TV, and a seating area overlooking its windows (some even come with Taipei 101 views) — the details are punctuated by timeless Song Dynasty design elements. Simple, but not boring, there is a sense of Eastern elegance throughout, with thoughtful wooden furnishing that feels more homely than regal. Bespoke Chinese art is also installed in all of its rooms and suites. Plus, toilets come equipped with Japanese-style latrines.

Elevated Dining
Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei boasts 8 outstanding dining facilities, making meals outside of the hotel a tad unnecessary — although when one’s in Taipei, street food is a must-do. On the thirty-ninth floor with unobstructed views of the city, the Shanghai Pavilion serves a mix of specialities from Shanghai, Taiwan and Sichuan cuisine. For those seeking Western options, Marco Polo Restaurant on the thirty-eighth floor offers a menu of modern Italian. Fans of Japanese Teppanyaki, Kaiseki, Sushi and Tempura may visit ibuki on the seventh floor. Meanwhile, Shang Palace, present at most Shangri-La’s in Asia, is located on the sixth floor alongside Café at Far Eastern, where breakfast is served. Those seeking an old-fashioned may head to the Marco Polo Lounge, Lobby Court, or Li Bai Lounge — three of the hotel’s bar offerings.

Idyllic Wellness & Spa
Lest we forget the Health Club and two rooftop pools (one is an open heated pool on its rooftop, while the other is open during Summer on the seventh floor) at the hotel — open to all guests, free of charge. Socie Spa on the fortieth floor offers various Japanese-inspired body and facial treatments with no frills attached. Gyms come equipped with a good set of equipment and personal trainers.

Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei
201 Tun Hwa South Road, Section 2, Taipei 10675, Taiwan

(886 2) 2378 8888 

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