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#MensFolioMeets the Lim Brothers Again to Catch Up on Their Fitness Routine

  • By Bryan Goh

#MensFolioMeets the Lim Brothers Again to Catch Up On Their Fitness Routine Paul Lim Noah Lim
The last time we caught up with the Lim brothers (the ambassadors of the EVOLVE Future World Champions Program), it was an introduction of sorts. Surprise, they’re really not twins. This time, we’re considering this story like a catch up — what’s happening, what’s the 411 and how they have been keeping fit despite the barring of gyms in the previous period.

As it turns out, the Lim brothers are really into running — an exercise even the merest of us mortals can get behind.

#MensFolioMeets the Lim Brothers Again to Catch Up On Their Fitness Routine Paul Lim Noah Lim
Hello to the both of you! What have you two been doing in your free time?
Paul Lim: Hello! I have been busy with school and I’m currently on a two-month summer internship.

Noah Lim: I’ve been reading, studying and serving NS. I’m reading mainly medical-related books – House of God and Emperor of all Maladies, also some investing and chess books. I’m an EMT at NS, which means I ride in the ambulance! I also play the piano, and I’m working on some Schumann and Satie pieces, but haven’t been practising often.

Beyond physical performance, has there been a change in your mental strength — Considering how it might be hard for the both of you to practice?
Paul Lim:  Not really! We still train together at home but just not as much as usual. To compensate for the lack of training, we have been doing more cardio like running 5km. Usually if I have upcoming competitions, I will be stressed leading up to it but before my match, I will try to keep calm and be zen so I can think and perform better. But now that I don’t have competitions, I am in a pretty relaxed state of mind. I try to keep in good shape and keep my cardio on form as it gives me more confidence when I compete and reduces my stress overall.

I think it’s important to not give yourself labels. If I were to do that, and if Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu were to not go well for me, then my whole identity would be gone. It’s like investing, I think it’s important to diversify.

Noah Lim: My mental strength has been okay. I love the sport and it’s something that brings me a lot of joy and I have fun doing it, but I don’t attach any labels to it. I do my best at it but I’m not totally attached to it so even though training is limited, I’ve been taking the opportunity to work on other things like studying and reading. I’m studying physics and preparing for BMAT (BioMedical Assessment Test) at the end of the year.

How have the both of you adapted your workouts?
Paul Lim: We have been running outdoors at Botanics Gardens and training at home. We managed to buy some weights from ezbuy for a good price. Home training consists of weighted chin ups, lunges, curls as well as BJJ at home but it can get a bit boring with a lack of training partners.

Noah Lim: Preparation has been pretty good, considering the current pandemic. It can be challenging to train since I’m in NS. I think everyone is having a hard time with not training, so I don’t feel bad about not being able to train as much. I’ve just been focused on maintaining my physical strength and cardio.

Mentally I feel okay, not much has changed. I see the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to train my patience and to think about life.

I also learnt that I’m a very hands-on and visual person. When someone in the army tells me to do something, I almost never listen or remember what they say, but when I do it with my hands or visualise it in my head, I learn a lot better.

Considering how gyms were closed, are there any easy exercises for mere mortals like us?
Paul Lim:  I would suggest running as it’s quite therapeutic. Initially I didn’t like it but when I was “forced” to do it, it became quite enjoyable after a few times. I also recommend doing calisthenics like pull-ups and push-ups!

Noah Lim: I train at home about three times a week, and I run once or twice a week. Just some push-ups and running is good. It’s best if you could find a sport you really enjoy doing — that way, exercising won’t feel difficult.

#MensFolioMeets the Lim Brothers Again to Catch Up On Their Fitness Routine Paul Lim Noah Lim
What do you think has been the biggest disruption in the sport for the both of you?
Paul Lim:  It’s a combination of travel restrictions and having to have fixed training partners. It’s changing now though. The good thing is there’s a good community across the martial arts at EVOLVE MMA so we stay connected and help get each other by. Gyms are open now, so we’re really looking forward to resuming training at EVOLVE MMA with our training partners and coaches.

Noah Lim: It’s the lack of training due to the measures in place. I also don’t feel as motivated to train as new ideas cannot be tested in training as often as I’d like but I understand it’s also circumstantial. The gyms have now reopened so we’re really looking forward to getting back on the mats at EVOLVE MMA with our training partners and coaches. I’m also excited to use the Hitt Zone at EVOLVE to improve on my strength and conditioning.

It helps that it’s really convenient and there’s extensive and good equipment so I can get all my training done in one location.

What is next for the both of you? Perhaps within the year or even the next five?
Paul Lim:  One of the competitions I’m aiming to win is the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup in Abu Dhabi. After, would be regional competitions such as the Asian Games and SEA Games and maybe even Olympics, if it’s possible. At the end of five years, I would be 28, which is still pretty young. I will definitely still be clearing my schedule for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

Noah Lim: For now, I see myself pursuing a career in medicine in Singapore. But I’m still giving it some thought as such a career bears a very big opportunity cost. By then, I hope to be a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and hopefully having won Asian Games at least once.

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