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Lush Is the Hospitality That Flowers at Artyzen Singapore

  • By Charmaine Tan

Artyzen Singapore is the urbane and acclimatised escape for city-dwellers who don’t mind a quite bit of green and quiet.

Between last June and this February, the Orchard precinct welcomed a grand total of four new hotels. A rare occurrence anywhere else in the world, but when you live in the compact metropolis of Singapore, the sight of so many hospitality establishments vying for our scarce land is a happy sign of both economical health and a flourishing luxury landscape. Artyzen Singapore may have been second-in-line to open its doors, but its relatively quiet launch eventually served to highlight its otherwise unassuming presence amidst the many palatial towers that make up our hospitality scene — speaking volumes about its care for the still and calm.

The fourth hotel to open as part of the Artyzen Hospitality Group (two in Shanghai and one in Macau) prides itself in being both design-led and abundantly cognisant of both the cultural and natural environment it is local to. While this plot of land formerly housed an estate known as Villa Marie — a 1940s-era mansion built by avid botanist and great-grandson of philanthropist Tan Tock Seng, Tan Hoon Siang — it now hosts Artyzen’s striking 142-room residence that leans into the space’s botanical heritage, pockets of lush greenery decorating its trellised columns while throughout, there is noticeable effort to allow for the passing breeze to aerate and refresh the space.

Instead of facing the main road, the entrance to the lobby is tucked behind a green curtain of creepers. Raw concrete forms the foundation of the building, a neutral canvas accentuated by grand, elongated ceilings and archways to facilitate airflow. But apart from being framed by pockets of vegetation, motifs of flora also decorate the interior, a reflection of the unique tapestry that makes up Singapore’s cultural landscape — conceived by renowned architecture firm ONG&ONG and award-winning interior design studio Nic Graham & Associates. Topping it off is an infinity pool and herb garden on the roof, the best of natural cooling mechanisms in place to sustain this meeting place of man and nature.

One of the most impressionable things that one will inevitably come away with from a visit is the pervasive use of ceiling fans, which is not only an ode to a common feature of Singaporean homes, but also a major contributor to the unique stay experience at Artyzen. All rooms are already equipped with a balcony; suites offer private ones (that span two levels) big enough to hold small parties or events like solemnisations. Add the ability to enjoy the natural humidity of our tropical climate without the heat thanks to the nostalgic, rhythmic swirl of the ceiling fan and its the epitome of comfort in nature — the gentle circulation of air in the room is a perfect complement to the visual warmth of the room’s East-Meets-West notes of concrete, herringbone timber, stone and brass. In other words, its a clear differentiation in cosiness when compared to the typical air-conditioned-induced comfort of most hotels — also an option here though, not to be concerned.

Couple that with the leading room already sporting a four-metre-high ceiling and you can better picture how “homely” and Singaporean the room’s design truly feels. For those looking for the highest tier, a 448 sqm penthouse is available for booking — truly a next-level kind of luxury that deserves to be savoured for the most special occasions. Or a much-needed getaway or respite from the monotony of daily routine.

If we are talking about finishing touches, the Dyson hairdryer is a must and happy mention. And so is the separation of the toilet from the shower room and bath tub — an ick for some travellers when not. But so are all the other experiences, particularly the restaurants available, and the health and wellness considerations built into the hotel.

Quenino by Victor Liong, the resident fine-dining hideout on level 4 show off the best of contemporary Asian cuisine by experimenting with familiar flavours and re-combining them to pleasant surprises. Helmed by the titular chef who was born in Brunei to Malaysian parents of Chinese heritage but grew up in Australia, the fare is diverse in nuance and style, just like his third culture upbringing and thus, appreciation of the region’s mosaic of gastronomic influences.

Finally, the experience consummates in Artyzen’s Wellness & Workout floor — a dedicated level that sees a state-of-the-art Technogym-equipped fitness centre sitting alongside two serene yoga pavilions and a few spa treatment rooms. Apart from HIIT sessions and classes, there are also drop-in guided meditation and yoga sessions available for you to truly get in touch with your chakras, before you seek out some scrubs or massages for the ultimate wind down.

“Artyzen Singapore is not just a hotel, we are a cultural venue,” says Jeff Crowe, General Manager of Artyzen. “Embracing culture, and emotional wisdom is at the heart of our ethos. By celebrating the beauty, traditions, heritage, and distinctiveness of each destination, our vision is to foster opportunities and spur growth within communities.” And a legacy they will imprint on Singapore’s hospitality scene, lush and flowering with warmth and generosity.

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