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Into the red-hot of desire — where the laws of attraction dictate that no dream is ever too big and where inertia has no hold over the uncontrollable urge to follow a path of one’s own. If energy precedes manifestation, let the sparks and embers of youth guide one to the colourful, intricate depths of a wardrobe that is meant to be.

(Pictured above) Coat, shirt, shorts, shoes, all Valentino

(On Hariz) Top, pants,Versace; Shoes, ZEGNA; Necklaces, Swarovski; (On Jisu) Jacket, corset, skirt, heels, all Louis Vuitton

Jacket, skirt, Balmain; Tights, Stylist’s own

(On Jisu) Dress, Dolce&Gabbana; Veil, Stylist’s own; (On Hariz) Jacket, Balmain

(On Hariz) Top pieces, headpiece, Pretendworld Shopfront; Pants, Coach; (On Jisu) Corset, pants, DIKSON MAH; T-shirt(worn as inner), Coach

Hoodie, shirt, shorts, Hermès; Shoes, Valentino; Glasses, tights, knee protectors, socks, skyrunner, Stylist’s own

(On Hariz) Jacket, pants, all Louis Vuitton; (On Jisu) Dress, Valentino; Boots, Louis Vuitton; Gloves, Stylist’s own

Top, shirt (worn as inner), all Hermès

Dress, Coach; Gloves, tights, Stylist’s own

Boxing gloves, Stylist’s own

(On Jisu) Shirt, skirt, Bottega Veneta; Headphones, Montblanc; Bandage, tights, Stylist’s own; (On Hariz) Hoodie, pants, Dolce&Gabbana; Headphones, Montblanc; Boxing gloves, Stylist’s own

Photography Nelson Chong
Styling Liew Hui Ying
Grooming Raeseok | Plika Makeup
Hair Juujuugon
Model Hariz Izu | The Models Lab KL, Jisu Kim | Wu Models
Photography Assistant Bernard Chong, Siang Lun
Styling Assistant Timoed, Rocketerbeen

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