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#TheObsessions — Kenneth Teh of Leather Studio The Blue Ficus Shares his Favourite Things

#TheObsessions — Kenneth Teh of Leather Studio The Blue Ficus Shares his Favourite Things

Kenneth Teh Leather Studio The Blue Ficus
What makes some of these local or global creatives tick? In this weekly column, Kenneth Teh of leather studio The Blue Ficus shares his many inspirations and obsessions.

Kenneth Teh Leather Studio The Blue Ficus
1. The Blue Ficus
The Blue Ficus is the cumulation of my lifes’ work and aspirations. I started The Blue Ficus to create well-made leather goods that will last you alifetime. 

The Blue Ficus does handmade leather goods which are simple in design but extremely well made.

2. My family
My daughters are the reason my wife and I wake up looking forward to each day. They instil joy in us and love at home translates to love everywhere else.

3. DIY projects
I’ve always been inspired to try exciting new projects which are most of the time, completely unrelated to what I do.

Completing them always gives me an immense sense of satisfaction regardless the result.

4. Well-made stuff that lasts a lifetime
I believe our resources and time are limited, therefore when you make something, it should be to the very best of your ability.

Because of this, I harbour an extreme respect for artist and craftsmen who take extreme pride in their work, and who often over-engineer their products.

Kenneth Teh Leather Studio The Blue Ficus
5. My vintage Hi-Fi set
Music is the soul of the world, and Hi-Fi equipment is the voice that brings it to life. I love vintage Hi-Fi because I feel they perfectly capture the aesthetics of music (if you could ever see music).

Listening to jazz through a Hi-Fi set always adds dimension to the song.

6. Hiking in foreign countries
Nature walks with friends and family are a must to bond, exercise and get a sense of accomplishment. We almost always plan hikes when travelling overseas.

I fully recommend you experience the “nature side” of any country you visit; it will add tremendous depth to your trip.

7. Traveling
The world is our oyster and my wife and I love exploring new places and cultures.

One of our favourite countries was Turkey — the amount of history the country has was immense and fascinating.

Kenneth Teh Leather Studio The Blue Ficus
8. Film Photography
I’ve always been fascinated by the capturing of light and how it becomes emulsions on a film roll which we can then print.

I shoot with film very rarely these days due to the rising cost but it’s something I still enjoy.

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