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#TheObsessions — These are Actor Garialdi Salim’s Favourite Things

#TheObsessions — These are Actor Garialdi Salim’s Favourite Things

What makes some of these local or global creatives tick? In this weekly column, actor Garialdi Salim shares his many inspirations and obsessions.

1. Exploring the world: I believe there is so much to see and learn in this world. It excites me when I have the opportunity to adventure into a new part of the world.

2. Food: I cannot pass up the opportunity to tantalise my taste buds with new food.

I’m always game for trying weird foods around the world so call me a foodie if you will!

3. Scuba Diving: I have always admired the hidden world under the sea. The thrill of spotting rare creatures during dives is also a plus!

My aim is to dive in the Great Barrier Reef and see the Manta Rays in Okinawa, Japan.

4. Snowboarding: I find snowboarding thrilling. Being introduced to the sport by my mates, I enjoy the thrill of going down new slopes with them.

5. Bruce Lee: My role model in life — I find his wisdom and way of life truly inspiring.

When I was younger, reading his quotes always made me feel more empowered as a person. Watching him also got me interested in Chinese martial arts flicks.