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#DaddyGoals & The Rise of the Crossbody Bag


If you told us two decades ago that we’d grow up to dress like our dads, we’d laugh in your face. It might have been the bootcut jeans (Balenciaga does it now), the mall-going sneakers (Gucci does it now), or you might just hate everything he wore because he’s your dad.

The bags we’re adding to cart this season aren’t the ones that are solely reserved for #hypebeasts or Japanese streetwear gods — they’re reminiscent of the ones your dad proudly slings over his dadbod (is it still a thing?). They’re a little iffy, a little off-beat, but they put the P (practical) in PRC-dad-tourist style. 

Pictured Above: See this trio of look-at-me bags? You might think that they can be purchased from a souvenir store and that’s exactly why they’re so charming. Bonus, you can go hands-free to do touristy things like wielding a selfie stick (ok, don’t).  
From left: Gucci Web GG Supreme canvas messenger bag, Versace Greca Ribbon canvas messenger bag, Ermenegildo Zegna Pelletessuta™ crossbody bag. 

If you’re going to sling these simple crossbody bags over your body, you’re going to want to make sure your body is clad in equally simple clothing too
From left: Saint Laurent Sid lambskin crossbody bag, Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Imperatore calf leather messenger bag.

Logos are the new neutral — if you’re going to shell out some serious dollars on a bag, make sure that no one second-guesses where it comes from and that you can fit things into it (look at the length!). 
From left: Emporio Armani Flat calf leather crossbody bag, Givenchy Tag calf leather crossbody bag, Prada Technical fabric and leather crossbody bag.