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Eight Tough Shades for Risky Business


We risk sounding like a bunch of geriatrics when we ask when sunglasses stopped being sunglasses — DJs wear them in the club to look cool, celebrities wear them as a literal shield against paparazzi and the booming trend of micro ones make us scratch our heads.

What happened to the original purpose of sunglasses? When did we stop wearing them to block out the sun (sure, there’s sunblock for it) and to look cool as hell? 

Gentlemen, we’d like you to take your future eyewear cues from The Punisher — a one-man army who fights crime in the most violent of ways (seriously, it’s literal blood and tears whenever he appears). He usually doesn’t wear eyewear but if he needed a pair to shield him from gun smoke and shrapnel, it’d be Givenchy’s 4G Square sunglasses. 

Keep scrolling for more and the next time you’re thinking of checking out a pair, remember this acronym — WWTPW — What Would The Punisher Wear? 

A little ’70s, a little old school novel hero, but very big on modern style — this pair is Fendi’s “Futuristic Fendi”.

Dior Men’s “Black Tie” isn’t just reserved for occasions its name suggests — we encourage you to wear them everywhere else too.

Coach’s Phantos literally allows you to make a quick getaway when you wear them — its crowd-pleasing style allows you to blend in with said crowd.

Louis Vuitton’s Charleston makes it look like you’re scanning human biometrics even when you’re just fantasising about your next beach holiday

Bug eye shaped, tinted lenses and shiny acetate — everything we didn’t like about the ’80s are why we like them now on this pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Madison sunglasses will make you feel like a war veteran even if you’re allergic to the sun and dust. 

You might be tempted to dispense a heroic quote whilst wearing Prada’s Runway sunglasses because anything you say becomes that much cooler.