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Drop the Mop, Pick Up the Dyson WashG1™

  • By Jon-Patric De Mello

Dyson‘s first dedicated wet-floor cleaner — the Dyson WashG1™. 

Chores are seldom at the top of our desired to-do lists. Whether it’s at the end of a long day or a sapping workweek, picking up a mop or broom and traipsing around our homes to hawkeye stray dust bunnies can feel like — well, a chore.

While it’s no secret that the burden of the task lies in its repetitive futility (those floors are just going to get dirty again), an under-considered aspect perhaps lies in the chosen instrument of sanitation. In a world of constant consumerism, it’s not often that you think about the efficiency of something as unglamorous as your cleaning appliances — especially ones that have been around forever and at the surface level appear to do the job. However, when you really get down to it perhaps that decade-old balding mop-head is the culprit behind the smears of grime all over your floors and the seemingly pointlessness of it all. Here’s where the Dyson WashG1™ comes in.

The latest of Dyson’s “floorcare technology” and the company’s first dedicated wet-floor cleaner — the WashG1™ boasts some of Dyson’s most cutting-edge automation — the kind that made it famous in the 21st century. A cleaner specialised for hard floors in both tight and large spaces, the WashG1™ is equipped with a 1-litre water tank that enables users to wash up to 290m² in one go (that’s bigger than a 5-room Executive Flat).

Featuring counter-rotating rollers made of a 64,800 filament per cm² hyper-absorbent microfibre and a pump that dispenses water evenly across each roller, the WashG1™ absorbs liquid spills while also collecting any dry debris like hair and food crumbs on your floors.

In classic Dyson fashion, the WashG1™ also introduces new innovative “separation technology” that divides stray debris and mucky water from the microfibre rollers that collect them. Hard debris is automatically segmented with nylon bristles into a removable debris tray, while the liquid grime is wrung out via a durable mangle. The compartmentalisation of hard and liquid debris allows for simple maintenance and disposal of each type of dirt once done. The WashG1™ also has a self-cleaning function that purges the dual rollers with high-pressure clean water so that it’s ready for use again in no time.

If you’re worried about your apartment’s old hardwood floors and how they might hold up against the WashG1™, there’s no need to fret. Dyson has built-in hydration control that allows users to select either low, medium or high settings based on the type of debris, flooring and user preference. For further fine-tuning, each mode also comes with three supplemental sensitivity settings. To deal with any extra stubborn stains, the WashG1™ is also equipped with a specialised boost mode that purges dirt with the maximum amount of hydration.

With the functionality of the WashG1™ in mind, it’s clear that Dyson has designed its first wet-floor cleaner with purpose at its core. Compared to an ordinary cotton mop-head that smears dirt across your floors and must be wrung manually by hand, the WashG1™ automates the dirtiest work while doubling the cleaning power. Sure, the 35 minutes that it runs for in a single use may not be ideal for bigger homes with more area to clean, but the amount of time and effort needed to reset your “cleaner” for another round of “mopping” will definitely make you want to clean with the WashG1™ more often. Not to mention the fact that if you’re a tech geek or clean freak then the WashG1™’s automatically engineered cleaning is just plain cool.

The Dyson WashG1™ wet floor cleaner is available on Dyson.com.sg and at Dyson Demo stores. 

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