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#MFMF91: Deputy Editor Bryan’s “Hot Fun” Playlist

#MFMF91: Deputy Editor Bryan’s “Hot Fun” Playlist

#MFMF91: Deputy Editor Editor Bryan’s “Hot Fun” Playlist
Apparently, if you ask different people on their definition of “hot fun”, you’ll get some very wild answers. Hence, it is with some kind of social regret (am I not living to my fullest as a late 20-something?) that my definition of a hot fun playlist is nothing eye-watering erotic and neither is it heart-thumping extreme (do people still like to sky dive?).

In short, this hot fun playlist contains the four songs I kept on loop during the summer break I took the week before. AKA, the songs I listened to during the four to five hours I was actually awake. Who knew being 29 years old meant that you can’t drink like you’re a teenager anymore.

Dua Lipa — If It Ain’t Me

Apparently, I am usually hideously late to discover an artiste — I usually discover them six months after they drop an album. How then did I discover this single — a bop that is what some might call the full fantasy — that I played 107 times over the past week? My brother’s girlfriend quite insisted I listen to it because “why are you 29 years old but have the sonic taste of a 59-year old?” I’m very into its synth-pop like sound and it helps too that she can finally dance.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard — Got Your Money ft. Kelis

RIP to a true OG but I would like to remind everyone that ODB was incarcerated when he did this video. In fact, there was an MTV News Special when his wife and him rode in a limo to renew their foodstamps — that was pretty wild. Just like this song: a thumping beat, ODB spitting fire and Kelis adding a smooth refrain. I highly encourage you to drive on a summer evening with this song playing at full blast — be the GTA character you were meant to be.

Queen — Another One Bites the Dust

My heartbeat instantly shoots up whenever I hear the classic drum and snare opening because it reminds me of how I got into a car accident many a summer ago. Great times, my friends. A fun fact too that makes this song so joyous — Michael Jackson encouraged Freddie to release this song as a single because “his cats needed a song to dance to”. I find it incredibly endearing and hilarious because I know my cats aren’t a fan.

Victoria Monét
with Khalid & SG Lewis — Experience

Rollerskate, a summer-like dreamy sound and obvious nods to the 1970s: this song is my moodboard for life coming to fruition. In fact, it is the perfect song to have in the background while you’re lying semi-comatose in bed from having drank too many sidecars. Don’t let anybody fool you kids, cointreau is a really, really, really strong spirit. Nobody really asked, but I’m on eBay as I’m typing this because I’m trying to find a pair of hot pink rollerblades.

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