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#DeliveryDiaries — Fotis Kokoshi on Summerlong’s Delivery Menu

#DeliveryDiaries — Fotis Kokoshi on Summerlong’s Delivery Menu

Welcome to #DeliveryDiaries, an initiative we have come up with to highlight the delivery menus of some of the gut-busting dining establishments we’ve been to.

In the fourteenth installment of this series, we have Head Chef Fotis Kokoshi from Summerlong to review five of his favourites.

Greek Meatballs, $21++
This dish is inspired by the traditional Greek dish that is famously known as “Grandmother Meatballs”. My grandmother used to prepare this dish for me often, so I wanted to bring back a taste of home with the dish.

The pan-fried meatball is fresh, saucy, citrusy and full of flavour.

Roasted Spring Chicken, half chicken at $28++ and a whole at $42++
The smell of oranges and Ouzo (a dry anise-flavoured aperitif) takes me back to my childhood in spring time. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours with Ouzo, orange and fennel and slow roasted to perfection.

Soulvaki, from $14++ to $16++
Soulvaki, the most famous street food in Greece, is the first thing I eat every time I return home.

The proteins in our version are similar to what you would commonly see in Greece, but we use different garnishes to set it apart from the usual style.

Greek Ratatouille, $23++
This is a light vegetarian dish with a good balance of flavours that is suitable for everyone. We serve stuffed eggplants with slow cooked vegetables, Greek cheese and pine nuts.

It is a combination of the classic Imam Bayildi that has been on our menu for awhile, and Ratatouille! A dish originating from Turkey, my mom cooked this style of food often in my growing up years, but this is my own take on a briami.

Pides (Stuffed Greek Bread), from $10++
A Turkish dish, famous in Greece. This dish reminds me of the times before school when I always enjoyed this as a snack.

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