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Go Hard on These Four Not-So-Ordinary Watch Dials

Go Hard on These Four Not-So-Ordinary Watch Dials

You may have come across the term BDE coined by Ariana Grande’s compliment on Pete Davidson’s D but we are not talking about that. Today, instead we are referring to Big Dial Energy which sadly originated from the internet as well. What makes a BDE watch? It’s one that displays a beautiful watch dial and showcases a level of taste and maturity. The WWW (aka the World Wide Web) had their take on Big Dial Energy watches, here is ours.

Pictured Above: Dark Mystery
The polished and distinctive asymmetrical case designed by Henri d’Origny takes a different approach as Hermès manipulates light with the Hermès Arceau Squelette. The timepiece conveys a sense of mystery with its smoked sapphire crystal dial that hovers between shadow and light. Deep black starts at the edge of the chapter ring before gradating towards the transparent centre revealing the openwork movement, anthracite wheels and skeletonised rotor.

Silvered numerals and beaded minute indexes appear to be levitating as they are suspended on the sapphire crystal. The sloping fonts mimic galloping horses that the French maison is synonymous with.

Hidden Secret

The beauty of fumé dial takes centre stage in the Rado True Secret as the Swiss manufacturer employs a subtle tweak to the colouration of the dial. The bottom half starts dark before intensifying to a radiant and gorgeous shade of green at the upper half of the dial. The omission of indexes draws the viewer’s focus to the beauty of the dial and the balance wheel of the Rado calibre C07.

The deep gloss of the plasma high-tech ceramic case acts as the perfect foil for the Rado True Secret to shine.

High Octane

TAG Heuer raises the adrenaline with its high octane take on the Carrera 02T Ayrton Senna that pays tribute to the legendary world champion of motorsports. A predominantly black and silvered Carrera 02T is punctuated with flashes of yellow — “SENNA” is marked on the black ceramic tachymeter fixed bezel, a yellow “S” on the chronograph counter and on the watch hand slits.

The star of the dial is undoubtedly the flying tourbillon that sits at the bottom of the dial that flaunts your vocabulary of horological terminology.

Technicolour Delight

Make a statement with Gucci’s modern take on the historic GG pattern that decorates its Cruise 2020 ready-to-wear and accessories collection. The GG Psychedelic G-Timeless watch is unapologetic on the wrist with the same print finds its way to the timepiece.

Multicoloured GG Psychedelic motifs and stars emblazon the watch dial and straps — a hologram effect psychedelia is more pronounced with brightly hued hologram stars.