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Sapnu Puas — a Discussion on the Art Of Sending Nudes


In 2019, the sacred art of #selfies is officially dead. The rampancy of “natural” photo-enhancement apps have made looking beautiful the new normal, so posting an unedited and/or unfiltered photo is just plain rude – #goodvibes only.

As with every untimely death of a trend, a new obsession replaces the old – “feeling cute, might delete later” is the precursor to “slide into DM (direct message)”. The convenient function of deleting a sent message was definitely invented because we wanted to take back a text with heinous grammar, typed on-the-go. Not. Truth be told, we have seen too many salacious pictures of friends and colleagues online – #goodthingsmustshare.

We are sorry that we cannot maintain eye contact while conversing anymore because either our mind is wandering or our gaze is. If “leaked” nudes of celebrities were a teachable moment, it would be that every byte is deadly, and those skanky selfies would definitely come back to bite one’s behind. By the way, good job at the gym – those squats really came through!