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Second Breath — the Dual Personalities of these Seven Fragrances


These scents we’ve curated might not appeal on the first spritz, but the magic happens upon a deeper delve.
Pictured Above: Calvin Klein Eternity For Men
The first spritz:
Sage and apple create a burst of crisp Provence freshness for the now.
The dry down: Masculine vetiver and woody sage please for an eternity.

Boss The Scent Absolute

The first spritz:
Spicy ginger and aromatic Mondia root akin to a piquant Gibson cocktail.
The dry down: Dark amber juice and sophisticated mocha envelop the wearer to be the most handsome man in a bar.

Acqua di Parma Yuzu

The first spritz: A summer lunch starter in a bottle – citric yuzu and spicy Sichuan pepper.
The dry down: The main course now smells of aromatic jasmine and warm sandalwood.

Dunhill London Century Blue

The first spritz: Musky patchouli balanced by floral orris root call to mind a classic gentlemen’s club.
The dry down: The weight of salty and warm amber notes lingers even when one has left the room.

Salvatore Ferragamo Gentil Suono

The first spritz: Sparkling mandarin and aromatic geranium incite romance.
The dry down: Vetiver bourbon and cedarwood is a whiff of mischief managed.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

The first spritz: The juxtaposition of fresh lemon caviar and warm black pepper keeps one guessing.
The dry down: Sensual rosewood and urban grey amber warrants a closer, intense sniff.

Tom Ford Beau de Jour

The first spritz: A sniff of earthy lavender and herbal African Rosemary creates a heady rush.
The dry down: Classic leather-like oakmoss and musky amber guide one back to his senses.