Ethical Grooming Gear

Ethical Grooming Gear

Let’s face it, sustainability in fashion is difficult. Even though there are more fashion houses than ever taking on eco-friendly measures for the long-term sustainability of Earth, it is probably best that everyone start taking baby steps in this green venture. With that in mind, we spotlight the ethical grooming brands that can help ease you into eco-friendly behaviour.

La Mer is not just a glossy skincare brand – the luxury line supports ocean habitats and places a large amount of emphasis on flourishing seas. With products inspired by the ocean and its natural resources, La Mer’s promise is one of preserving the deep waters for the future. La Mer’s Blue Heart Oceans Fund focuses its ocean protection efforts by supporting protected areas of water around the world with charitable donations, local marine beautification projects and awareness-raising initiatives. The fund has helped scientific research in the East China Sea, with the money going to the creation of a more sustainable plan of action for overexploited waters. 


Greek company Korres dedicates itself to Mother Earth by ensuring that 99% of the materials they use are recyclable. Furthermore, 98% of their products are shipped by means that massively reduce air pollution emitted within their supply chain, while production methods are also “no waste”, meaning that all parts of the plants they derive their ingredients from end up in the finished product.  


Housed in recycled glass (which can be continuously recycled!), Tata Harper‘s skin-loving products are also labelled in soy ink to score brownie points with the green crowd. Their products are free from GMOs, toxins, fillers or artificial colors and chemicals, and you can even trace where the ingredients come from by keying in the product batch number on their website. This is because each step of their formulation and batching process is done by a Tata Harper employee on their farm in Vermont, to ensure maximum transparency. 


Quite possibly the gold standard in sustainable skincare production, Jurlique uses solar power and efficient temperature controls to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and sends no waste to landfills.  They inculcate a biodynamic agricultural technique which utilises cover crops, composting, manure, and crop rotation instead of chemicals. In addition to bagging awards for their eco-friendly packaging with recycled and recyclable materials, they also employ energy-efficient store lighting and planted 7,500 trees on their farm as a revegetation project.



Since the beginning of Lush, the founders and staff have made a commitment of how to use creative solutions to make positive impacts on the planet, like the invention of the first-ever solid shampoo bar. Environmental issues are at the heart of the company and influences the decisions they make. Reducing the packaging in product design, they save almost 6 million plastic bottles and  450,000 litres of water  globally just from selling and producing these shampoo bars alone. When packaging is unavoidable, they use recycled materials. In addition, they use almond and olive oil rather than mineral oil because they believe Earth-friendly oils would make consumers’ lives better (in more ways than one!). 

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