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Reverse History’s Calling with these Anti-Ageing Products

Reverse History’s Calling with these Anti-Ageing Products

All the talk about heritage and history only makes one wonder how much time has passed and perhaps a quick glance in the mirror might tell us the whole story. While many would love to reverse the ageing process, the truth is that we could never do so. Regardless of whether we want to move with the passings of history, our skin and our bodies will ultimately age. However, thanks to science and modern technology, we can explore treating the symptoms of aging step-by-step to give a more youth appearance overall.  

Step One: Cleanse

Start by removing the dead skin cells that make face look dull or lifeless. The citrus Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel from Peter Thomas Roth holds salicylic acid, a pore tightener,  and glycolic acid to remove the dead skin cells that leaves face looking luminous, youthful and generally smoother. The peachy clean freshness fused with oil-free, anti-wrinkle technology aid to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Step Two: Tone


After a deep cleanse, the next step has to be a toner. A gel-type toner like Laneige Homme’s Blue Energy Skin Toner replenishes intense moisture and reenergises tired looking skin. Tackling the four main areas of facial ageing: lack of moisture, dullness, fine lines and the lack of elasticity, this comfortable toner is made up of 74.9% Deep Sea Water which contains essential minerals and Spirulina Extract, a substance with high antioxidant contents to revitalise the healthy skin from deep within. 


Step Three: Serum/Moisturise 

Made for all skin types, the new G-ActionTM drives energising ginseng right to the skin to amplify the skin’s potential to work harder and recover faster for a revitalised look. Together with the fusion of two powerful peptides to support the natural reparation of the skin’s collagen production and a  complex of ten top antioxidants, Lab Series’ Age Rescue + Face Lotion – Limited Edition Bonus Size helps to neutralise the damage caused by the environment to “hold off” the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fatigue. 


Step Four: Eye Cream

One’s face may need the help of anti-ageing lotions and creams, but one particular area stands out the most when it comes to signs of ageing: the eyes. Crows feet and fine lines tend to appear generously around this region but Aēsop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream is a potent anti-oxidant blend developed with generous amounts of Vitamins C and E to provide nutrients and protect this delicate skin. 


Step Five: Sunscreen 

The aging process is sped up with the exposure of UV rays so sunscreen should never be an option in anyone’s skincare routine. Glossier’s Invisible Shield provides the perfect amount of coverage and is a clear watergel formula filled with active microcapsules and a powerful mix of vitamin E & P, broccoli and aloe leaf to neutralise free radicals. Instantly absorbing into the skin with no greasy residue, this sunscreen also contains fermented yeast and vegetal extract that create an invisible layer on top of the skin that prevents pollution from getting in, perfect for a bustling city like Singapore. 

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