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The Best Grooming Launches Of November 2022

The Best Grooming Launches Of November 2022
What informs the best grooming launches of November 2022? They are a curation informed by cutting-edge technology, ease of use, and a new democratic approach to male beauty. 

Pictured above: Byredo Eyes Closed
A fragrance inspired by the intimacy that comes with a couple closing their eyes, Ben Gorham’s latest juice is another example of what he does best — blending the unexpected (one could say like certain couples themselves) like sweet carrot with spicy cinnamon and earthy patchouli with powdery orris. 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment
The brand’s best-seller now comes with a calibrated AHA Complex that performs at the efficacy of 10% glycolic acid despite being at a low-to-non sensitising percentage of 2.5%. If sensitivity occurs, the seven weights of hyaluronic acid included are sure to soothe it. 

The Best Grooming Launches Of November 2022
Papilla Hair Rewind Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
Despite its name and genuinely living up to it (a Phyto-Revive Complex helps the cells on the scalp “communicate” better to become stronger), the shampoo has other properties too like relieving itching (a calming complex), replenishing moisture (a barrier-boosting complex), and the preventing of dandruff (tea tree extract). 

Porcelain Bio-Reset Intensive Night Recovery Elixir
Interesting, the gel cream is formulated with three ingredients not typically used in skincare — SYN®-AKE, a Swedish anti-ageing ingredient that mimics Botox, Recoverine® is eco-designed to stimulate the skin’s repair process, and IceAwake™, an ingredient derived from glacial soil that restores radiance. 

Serge Lutens At Home Armoire à Linge
Translated from French, the product’s name means The Laundry Cabinet — a home fragrance made for anybody who wants to scent their abode with the clean and crisp scent of fresh laundry. It comes in a travel-friendly 100ml size for anybody who literally, loves the smell of home.

The Best Grooming Launches Of November 2022
The Face Shop Tea Tree Pore Ampoule
AHA, PHA, and IP-BHA (the latter, a patented ingredient that exfoliates while having anti-inflammatory effects) work in tandem with tea tree extract to eradicate blemishes. Recommended for usage only at night, panthenol has also been added to soothe as one sleeps.

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