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Apple Watch Hermès: New Styles & Colours

  • By Henry Boen

 This year, new breakthroughs seem to be filling the air at Apple as the brand flaunts its new iPhone 7, Airpods and the Apple Watch Series 2. Now, Apple and Hermes reveal new styles and colours for the Apple Watch Hermès, which was first launched last year. Driven by utility and style, the collection showcases Apple’s leading innovation in technology while simultaneously paying tribute to Hermès’ history of perfect craftsmanship. The collection highlights new colours including Rose Jaipur, Bleu Agate, Anémone, Étoupe and the iconic orange of Hermès.

In two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm, the watches come in three different styles: the newly introduced Double Buckle Cuff in Swift and Epsom Calfskin, the classic Double Tour, and the reinvented Single Tour Deployment Buckle Band. Apple Watch Hermès is available online, in selected Apple retail stores, Hermès boutiques, specialty stores and department stores.