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#TheDrip — Loro Piana’s Cashfur Is The Ultimate Winter Drip To Have

  • By Charmaine Tan

#TheDrip — Loro Piana's Cashfur Is The Ultimate Winter Drip To HaveEach week, we dive into the vast archives of our favourite brands and houses to extract and share their most luxurious or technical (and thus, pricey) miscellanea. This week, our drip of choice is Loro Piana’s Cashfur.

Fur in fashion has mostly become a thing of the past. Or at least, mink coats and other fur products are no longer as sought after as investment pieces or heirlooms; the ethical and environmental implications of the material far outweigh any of the dated prestige and symbolistic value it has.

But faux fur is not as safe or straightforward an alternative — the synthetic fibres that make up the material are plastics that are known to contribute to the microplastics found in the ocean. Plus, they will take hundreds of years to break down if a fake fur coat is thrown away.

#TheDrip — Loro Piana's Cashfur Is The Ultimate Winter Drip To HaveThis thus brings us to Loro Piana’s Cashfur. First introduced in 2020 but now presented as a seasonal focus for the Fall Winter 2022-2023 collection, Cashfur is an innovative and responsible way of interpreting fur and an original interpretation of one of Loro Piana’s signature materials: cashmere. This soft and supple fabric comes from a careful selection of the noblest cashmere fibre, skilfully worked to create very thin ribbons which are then joined to an equally thin silk thread. This wonder of softness is then crafted on circular knitting looms that accentuate the fibre, creating a distinctive fur-like consistency.

#TheDrip — Loro Piana's Cashfur Is The Ultimate Winter Drip To HaveIn order to ensure a perfectly even surface, the fabric passes through complex finishing stages that further ennoble it, enhancing its softness and perfectly trimming the hair with an operation called ‘shearing’ through which the hair is cut with special machines so as to adjust its length. The texture is hence a tribute to the purity of cashmere, its natural lightness, warmth, and enveloping colour.

#TheDrip — Loro Piana's Cashfur Is The Ultimate Winter Drip To HaveFor Fall Winter 2022-2023, the iconic Sesia Tote in L and S, as well as the Sesia Happy Day in M and Micro versions are equipped with Cashfur with Smooth Satin leather inserts, ideal for adding a sense of cosy to any winter look. These versatile and contemporary bags are proof of masterful craftsmanship, as are the three clutches in the Extra Pocket line.

In a homage to Loro Piana’s savoir-faire and exclusive style, the accessories line offers the reversible Zita bucket hat, in Wind fabric with a Cashfur lining, while both the Alaskan Hat and the iconic Regent Ankle Boots are completely in Cashfur. Inspired by classic rain boots, the Cashfur in the shaft is paired with natural calfskin, with a resin trim protecting the part where the shaft meets the sole.

As a whole, Loro Piana’s finesse of luxury and natural materials is the perfect luxury to flaunt for the upcoming season. Especially when Loro Piana spotlights its original natural white colour – not dyed – and in other shades that celebrate its unusual appearance.

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