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#MensFolioMeets The Creator Behind the Iconic Beyond the Vines Dumpling Bag

  • By Bryan Goh

#MensFolioMeets the Creator Behind the iconic Beyond the Vines Dumpling Bag
In America, the homegrown hero bag is the iconic LL Bean Tote. In Seoul, it is a canvas one that is a freebie from cult perfume label Cosmic Mansion. In our little red dot, it is the Beyond The Vines Dumpling bag: a rectangular and water resistant one that has become somewhat of a sleeper hit.

First launched two years ago, the Dumpling bag was somewhat of a fashion person thing. It was adopted quickly by people in the know not just because of its design (of which it was pleasingly low-key) but because it was functionalIt could take a spill as well as it did with how violent you could be with it (FYI, its nylon body is pretty much scratch or tear proof). It came with a large flap pocket for the nitty gritty things and most importantly, it had a D-ring for keys.

In 2021, it can be said that the Dumpling bag from Beyond The Vines has enjoyed a surge of crazy popularity. It is now adored by people who tote designer bags on the regular as it is by people who really, just want a bag to fit their things. Creatives are as obsessed with it as people who crunch numbers for a living.

Here, we talk to Rebecca Ting, the founder of Beyond the Vines herself on the secret to the success of the dumpling bag.

Hello Rebecca, it’s been quite a while. What have you been up to?
It has been awhile! Last time we spoke was back at our Design Store opening in Takashimaya S.C. Since then, we’re working on many new projects and challenging ourselves with new designs. We’re very excited for what’s ahead the upcoming year (if COVID-19 allows of course), we’ll keep you in the loop!


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I’ve noticed that everybody around me seems to be carrying a Beyond the Vines Dumpling bag…
[Laughs] Yes, it’s been so amazing! We still get so excited seeing it used by customers on the street!

Even my friend who loves designer bags is now just carrying a Dumpling bag herself, what was the first thought that came to mind when you were designing it?
Wow! That’s nice to hear. Beyond The Vines’s mission was always to make good design accessible to all. When we designed the Dumpling bag, we thought about its functionality and how we can make it the kind of bag that will be with you for years. Making it with nylon helped to provide that water-resistant and lightweight aspect.

While, making it packable into its own pocket makes it a bag you can bring around shopping, staycation or for travels! There’s less maintenance that goes into a nylon bag as well, you can just pop it into a garment bag and wash it in the machine — super convenient!


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Speaking of likeability, why do you think people like it so much?
We’ve always designed from the perspective as a user. We believe the best designers are the best problem solvers! We designed these bags to be super versatile, so super complimenting to any personal style but also extremely intuitive and functional. We love it!


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Do you also think that people can relate to the shape? The Beyond the Vines Dumpling bag is sort of designer-ish without looking blatantly so.
That’s highly possible! I think people can see that it is a well-thought out design. Of course we’re always on the ground listening to our customers’ feedback and going back into R&D to see how we can make this bag more user-friendly than it already is.

This might be of a tough question to answer but when you have such a hit, do you find it hard to come up with something completely different; knowing that it might not be as big a hit.
Yes and no! But we work with our generation’s most courageous creatives, who aren’t afraid to challenge the normal. On top of that, our customers do play a part in the design process — as mentioned, we hear from the ground and we make improvements or changes each time!

For example, we hosted a livestream Q&A where we showcased some rejected samples, new samples and upcoming products. It gave customers a platform to share ideas with one another and it was very refreshing! The livestream was exclusive to those that tuned in — these lucky ones got a sneak peek into what we’re working on!

Would you consider then, doing an XXL version of the Dumpling bag?
Well…. Never say never right?

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