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Beyond The Vines Commits To Colour-Blocking

  • By Jon-Patric De Mello

Clashing and captivating, all at once. 

In an amalgamation of comfortable practicality, water-proof functionality and bold colour-blocked designs — Beyond The Vines products have become a testament to the ingenuity of its homegrown co-founders and husband-and-wife duo, Rebecca Ting and Daniel Chew. Perhaps most famously known for its viral Dumpling bag launched in late 2019, the brand has now solidified its status as one of Singapore’s pre-eminent design studios, with a cult of dedicated loyalists (and casual consumers) to back it up.

And in its most recent launch, Beyond The Vines has unveiled a collection committed to the clashing colour-blocking premise that it lauds. Coined the Super Panelled collection, there are 30 pieces in the series — all grounded in the collection’s varying combinations and alternations of bright primary colours and their more muted peripheral hues. Super Panelled boasts a singular all-encompassing vision, providing functional versatility and an expression of personality through the numerous articles of clothing and carriers offered.

It is clear that the collection has taken a page out of the #GORPCore book, with carriers like the Super Panelled Lunch Bag and Mini Crunch Carrier crafted specifically with a utilitarian food-portation purpose at its core (it’s literally in the name). Paired with the collection’s Gilet and Cargo Shorts, the Super Panelled buyer is set to take the scenic route and is equipped with more than sufficient storage (and pocket) space to carry their protein bars and bags of trail mix with them. 

Perhaps most appealing to the dumpling-loving masses is the addition of a Super Panelled iteration of the beloved bag. Where original iterations of the carrier were stylized in a singular widespread colour across its nylon fabric (admittedly offered in a very comprehensive spread of the colour wheel), the Super Panelled edition combines up to 6 colours in one bag, making for a bolder and more youthful interpretation. Every detail of the bag, from its shoulder and hand straps, outer pocket to D-ring is colour-blocked in contrasting hues, with the central fabric of the bag even split down the middle as well. Juxtaposed against your quintessential solid-colour daily wear, the Super Panelled Dumpling bag is a stark statement piece.

The collection is not confined to its outdoor-inspired function-forward design, instead, it presents the practicality of outdoor wear as an answer to the bustling demands of its users (regardless of location). With choice features like water-resistant and durable nylon as its base fabric, detachable utility pockets and adjustable straps, the Super Panelled collection offers multiple coinciding highlights for a broad audience base of Beyond The Vines fans.

The Super Panelled collection will be available for purchase on and at all stores starting from November 10. Once you’re done with this story, click here to catch up with our November 2023 issue.