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#TheObsessions — Fashion Designer Samuel Xun Shares his Favourite Things

  • By Bryan Goh

What makes some of these local or global creatives tick? In this weekly column, Samuel Xun shares his many inspirations and obsessions.

1. Crystals: I simply cannot start the list without mentioning my crystals. I am truly obsessed with them. They look absolutely beautiful and I strictly only collect them in their raw forms.

The selection process is such a vibe too, it’s like adopting a child, but better.

2. Weird Objects: I’ve been obsessed with weird looking sculptural objects. It’s hard to even describe. They have to be weirdly textured, slightly organic and extremely non-functional.

My current weird-object-artists of the moment are Wang & Soderstrom and Siup Studio.

3. Books: I’m in the process of redecorating and I’ve been focusing some of my efforts into curating printed matter. I’ve been buying and hunting for graphic publications and art books.

My favourite publication right now is JOON – it’s sooo good, I can’t even.

4. Harry Potter: I think I’ve watched all the films (including Fantastic Beasts) over 8 times now. They never get old and they sometimes serve as background noise when I work on my art.

I have a weird order of watching them though, I always start with Goblet of Fire for some reason.

5. Installations: I’ve always loved sculptures and installations; my fashion endeavors have always reflected that. It’s only in the recent years that I’ve had the chance to really expand my practice into making full scale installation artworks.

Right now, I’m still really into the recent piece I did for Singapore Art Week 2021 and most definitely an #artistforhire.

6. Making Things: I love experimenting and creating weird non-functional things in my free time. I chose the aesthetic life because it didn’t choose me. On that note, what I make seems to lean more towards home décor and small sculptures.

7. His Hair: Growing my hair out was the best 2020 decision ever. I can tie it, I can curl it, I can slick it back, I can braid it, gurl you name it.

8. His Self: I love myself; my friends would tell you I can turn any conversation back onto me. But in the grand scheme of things, I do think about self-improvement a lot.

I like to think that as people, we are continually changing and maturing into our final forms (whatever that looks like); that’s also very much how I feel about my work–everything can be improved upon.