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Four Hotel Stays From The Lane Of Luxury

  • By Yan Joon Wing

Luxury brands are dipping their toes into the hospitality scene and here is the list of the latest hotels to visit at least once in your lifetime.

What is a luxury experience? For luxury brands, it is no longer about making people dream about extravagant outfits. Major luxury empires have now set their sights on all-inclusive experiences to build rapport with their loyal clientele that entail top-notch shopping experiences, exclusive access to runway shows, behind-the-scenes visits with the designers, private viewing, and more. Their recent ventures into hospitality are a prime example of the direct-to-consumer approach. From collaborating with world-famous establishments to opening their hotels, these fashion brands have dipped their toes into the hospitality scene to drive royalty. Here is the list of the latest hotels to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Palazzo Versace Macau

Versace is no stranger to the world of hospitality. In 2015, the Italian fashion house launched its iconic Palazzo Versace in Dubai and has since established itself as a serious player in the hospitality industry. Almost a decade later, Versace introduced another establishment in Macau — one of the most sought-after stamping grounds for lively nightlife. Located at Grand Lisboa Palace Re-sort, the hotel — exuding Italian glamour — is where the East andWest collide. Under the creative direction of Donatella Versace, the luxury sanctuary perfectly embodies the DNA of Versace while paying homage to Chinese culture. Embellished along-side the house’s Medusa emblem are chrysanthemum flowers, dragon elements and geometric patterns. The property is home to 271 rooms and suites, a pampering Turkish hammam, a Romanesque outdoor pool, and the Michelin-starred Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant.

Learn more about Palazzo Versace Macau here

1, Place Vendôme

Located in the glamorous 1st arrondissement — the cradle of art , where Paris’ most iconic landmarks, such as the Champs-Élysées and Musée du Louvre, and the world’s biggest fashion flagship stores are a stone’s throw away — 1, Place Vendôme is a dream come true for fashion enthusiasts. Gentrified from Hôtel de Vendôme over a painstaking five-year renovation, the Chopard and Scheufele family-owned hotel is the quintessence of Parisian grandiosity. Revamped by the celebrated interior architect and designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, the luxury abode is conceived with the spirit of Chopard in mind — the relentless pursuit of impeccable craftsmanship and artistic crafts. With a main entrance adorned by Jean-Michel Othoniel’s exquisite aquamarine Murano glass bead installation, the five-star hotel — boasting five rooms and 10 suites, each with a unique decor — is bedecked with wrought iron, enamel tiles, ornamental plaster ceiling and shimmering marble.

Learn more about 1, Place Vendôme here.

Bvlgari Hotel Roma

The Bvlgari Hotel Roma is an exemplar of la dolce vita. Dreamed up by Milan-based ACPV (Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel) Architects, the ninth edition of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts nestles in the heart of the illustrious Campo Marzio district. There, one gets to stroll the iconic Spanish Steps and be pampered by a profusion of designer boutiques at the Via Condotti and a lavish culinary scene crammed with the finest dining options. What really sets the Bvlgari Hotel Roma apart from the exhaustive list of luxury accommodations are its interior design and ultra-luxury offering. With an impressive 5m-tall foyer splendidly decorated with an original Roman sculpture of the emperor Augustus in Pentelic marble and a Barovier & Toso handblown Murano glass chandelier, the hotel is a homage to its Bvlgari store in Via Condotti. Taking the indulgent experience up a notch, the Bvlgari Hotel Roma houses 114 guest rooms that overlook the glorious Via della Frezza, Il Ristorante — Niko Romito Roma — spearheaded by the eponymous chef of three Michelin-starred restaurant Reale — and a spa complete with eight treatment rooms, a fitness centre and a salon.

Learn more about Bvlgari Hotel Roma here.

Vermelho Hotel

What does a luxury hotel look like? One will probably say a towering building with a swanky outlook in the middle of the city centre. Vermelho Hotel — the first hospitality establishment from the legendary shoemaker Christian Louboutin — will completely shatter this general perception. Tucked away in Melides — a beach town flanked by wild Atlantic beaches and raw landscape — the Vermelho Hotel is an extravagant coffer of cultural influence, complete with ravishing details that are worth a second look. Upon entry, guests will be welcomed by a gold and green glass-blown mural chandelier designed by Klove Studio. As one makes their way into the boutique hotel, azulejo — traditional Portuguese patterned ceramic tiles —heaves into sight, telling the tales of diverse influences that make up the country’s history. The spectacular mise en scène is further elevated by elaborate bespoke decor and Liberty-style furniture, which are brought to life with the magical touch of Italian sculptor Giuseppe Ducrot. The awe-inspiring journey does not end there. Bringing the experience to whole other level, the hideaway is where one can truly savour Portuguese cuisine and its wide spectrum of flavours — all these while resting one’s eyes on the striking interior design realised with the help of Orfebrería Villareal and Maison Gatti.

Learn more about Vermelho Hotel here.

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