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The Santos de Cartier Glows in A Cinematic Gold

  • By Ben Kwok

The Santos de Cartier Glows in A Cinematic Gold
Cartier’s freshest Santos de Cartier glows with a retro-styled, gold-hued sense of cinematic opulence. 

One thing Cartier does particularly well — more so than most other watchmakers — is its penchant for reinvention. That pieces such as the Cartier Tank and Santos-Dumont remain steadfast despite the constantly-blowing winds of change are not just a testament to the timelessness of Louis Cartier’s design nous — they are also symbolic of the maison’s ability to reinvent itself without losing the essence of elegance and artistry that defines it.

This year, while the Santos de Cartier Dual Time understandably hogs most of the limelight, this ref. WGSA0095 three-hander piece arguably deserves some time in the sun as well, as a tangible symbol of what the maison stands for: elegance, and timeless reinvention. As has been already well-documented, the Santos de Cartier is the maison’s contribution to the integrated-bracelet sports watch phenomenon, and incorporates a sense of tasteful modernity into iconic, beloved design cues.

The Santos de Cartier Glows in A Cinematic GoldThis iteration of the Santos de Cartier is no different — thankfully, Cartier has left the good bits untouched. Beyond just design cues, the in-house manufactured, automatic 1847 MC movement is fitted within a 39.8mm case — the same as its other like-sized brethren. That said, it is a new release, so differences come in the area of dial and case colour — it is here that Cartier’s signature sense of timeless elegance shines through.

Combining a yellow-gold case with a chocolate-brown, satin-finished sunburst dial, furnished with matching gold-hued hands and Arabic numerals, this Santos de Cartier oozes cinematic, 1970s retro-tinted elegance — think floral Cuban shirts, piña coladas and Havana sunsets. 

The Santos de Cartier Glows in A Cinematic GoldGranted, this — to some — might be just another addition to an already-extensive Santos de Cartier collection. On closer inspection, however, the differences in the small details remind us of Cartier’s knack for tasteful reinvention, while elevating further the sense of elegance that has come to define the maison’s watchmaking.

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