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Balenciaga’s Crush Sling Is Our Newest Infatuation

  • By Sadiq Shah

Could the Balenciaga Crush Sling be in the running to become the next cult bag we have all been waiting for?

Designing a classic bag is no easy feat. But to have a bag maintain a sense of desirability so much that it can ride beyond the endless stream of trends and then reach a point where it finally becomes a classic? That is a brand’s nirvana. So, how does one design an accessory that can reach that point of transcendence? While qualities of versatility, craftsmanship, and marketing are small steps in achieving that goal, a bag that manages to stand out from the overcrowded sea of accessories through its unique design — especially one where it can maintain an air of simplicity within its distinctiveness — has already won half the battle.

But what does that mean exactly? When one thinks of classic bags, certain similarities tether them together. From being of a decent size to the various neutral-coloured options, the silhouettes of such bags are kept relatively simple. Having an uncomplicated design makes its most basic function of being a carrier of items the most efficient. While that might seem obvious, fashion’s trend cycle that favours mini bags one day and an overly capacious bag the next tends to cloud that judgment.

Now that it can serve its main purpose, a touch of uniqueness is necessary to make it identifiable, which can be done in various ways. The most successful classic bags are thoughtful in their design. While accoutrements, from logos, textiles, prints, embellishments, or finishings, add character, having too much personality tends to be annoying. Ultimately, it is about distilling a brand’s ethos — its very essence — into a simple yet succinct element that makes it immediately distinctive from what is available on the market.

A contender in reaching this status would be the Balenciaga Crush Sling, echoing the now iconic shape of the Hourglass bag that debuted in their Fall/ Winter ’19 show. Demna’s esoteric ideas that challenge the perception of what is fashion and what is not are captured through its arched base. Although it is kept simple, the curvature effectively communicates the brand’s current aesthetic values of reshaping fashion. Available in black or floral prints in shiny paper leather, the bag looks better with age and comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap instead of a chain from the initial Crush iterations.

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