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The Fringe Activity Of the Baby Bangs Hairstyle

  • By Bryan Goh

Chris is wearing two Ferragamo cotton rib t-shirts and his own metal earrings.

As its moniker suggests, baby bangs have the ability to Benjamin Button one’s face by rounding it out like fillers or fat grafting do but the modern way to spin it is to request for unstructured layers and length that gives low-maintenance structure.

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Boundary’s The Clay Hybrid is a clever mix of natural polymers that holds baby bangs together in a wispy style but if your hair is wilted and lank, it also contains actives that bring life back to it. More importantly, it doesn’t cause forehead acne.

The FEKKAI Clean Stylers Prime Mist Serum claims to be able to protect hair from heat that shoots up to 232 degrees Celsius but until we find the courage to prove so, its ultra-fine mist that delivers a clean formula of proteins and oils suffices.

If you’re sporting baby bangs and are currently reading this story then there’s a chance that bacteria is pooling on both your strands and forehead. The key ingredient in the Kérastase Symbiose Micro-Peeling Cellulaire Treatment is salicylic acid which purifies your hair while plant-based beads provide a toe-curling exfoliation on your scalp.

If you happen to have perfect aim when using the Ouai Super Dry Shampoo on your bangs then expect cleaner, fresher-smelling hair in an instant courtesy of absorbant rice starch and detoxifying volcanic minerals. If not, it’s okay to have it accidentally go over your forehead as it doesn’t leave a weird “chalky” finish.

Here is a fun fact to ruin your morning: baby bangs often need more time to be styled but until someone steps up on Shark Tank to deliver a solution, the Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System is a good place to start. It comes with paddle and oval brush attachments to smoothen your bangs down and keeps it that way for hours.

Photography Chee Wei
Styling Izwan Abdullah
Grooming Chu Fan
Hair Keith Ong
Styling Assistant Liew Hui Ying
Model Chris

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