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REKOOP Welcomes You To A Home You Never Knew You Had

  • By Charmaine Tan

REKOOP is the social wellness club every urbanite wishes they were a part of; if luxury and therapy had a baby.

At least, this writer wishes she was. Permanently, because all visitors are greeted with “Welcome home” immediately upon entry. REKOOP — from “recuperate” — officially opened its doors to the public on the first of June, bringing to Singapore an immersive and comprehensive healing hub that exists almost entirely in isolation from the rest of the world — an oasis located right in the heart of the CBD.

Perhaps more accurately referred to as a modern-day fountain of youth, the enveloping space of peace and quiet at REKOOP combines a wide range of state-of-the-art wellness technology with ancient wisdom philosophies of holistic practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, Reiki, hypnotherapy and more to craft an experience of restoration and recovery like no other. Think AirPod oxygen therapy that accelerates your body’s natural rate of healing; infrared saunas and ice baths for enhanced immunity functions; collagen production promotion with red light therapy; cryo chambers that soothe and suffuse all kinds of inflammation; even if you do not have any existing ailments, a day spent here will reveal how much more potential we all have to reach as humans — and its generosity starts right this sanctum’s looming, dignified gates.

Envisioned to be a space that both gathers people and embraces solitude, the concierge’s rounded corners combine with calming, neutral-toned walls to create a soothing, sensorial refuge. Designed in collaboration with Elliot James interiors, the air of ease also comes from the small but mighty details of bespoke lighting, therapeutic-grade scents, energised water, and frequency-tuned sounds. All these are further complemented by biohacking drinks and zero-waste products and items; REKOOP’s care for humans extends beyond into the environment we live in too.

And then we finally get to the actual experience, which is made to serve with every individuals’ best interests in mind. REKOOP employs dedicated concierges to navigate guests through an eight pillar approach trademarked the Optimal 8TM — a comprehensive framework addressing movement, nourishment, community, mindfulness, habits, feelings, energy, and aspiration. Revealing over 50 markers such as stress, skin age, and metabolism, the data that not only allows for personalised treatments, but also genetic profiling, nutrition and sleep optimisation techniques. They don’t say welcome home just to help you feel at home — the body and mind is meant to go their rightful and restful homes too, after a day at REKOOP.

The level of care and detail put into REKOOP only makes sense because co-founder and Wellness Director Diana Kraemer is both a former professional athlete — a former World Cup Gymnastics-Aerobics Bronze Medallist and Hungarian National Champion — and sports scientist. “I intimately comprehend the pivotal role recuperation plays in achieving peak performance. Yet, a robust recovery programme transcends the boundaries of athletic pursuits,” Kraemer said.

“In today’s contemporary landscape, the demands of modern life exerts a toll on individuals both physically and mentally, particularly in this region where the expectation for high performance persists around the clock. REKOOP was conceived with a vision to serve as a sanctuary for everyone seeking to reclaim energy, restore balance, and unlock their full potential, regardless of their background or fitness level.”

Until there is another place that cares for well-being as holistically as this, REKOOP is the modern Singaporean’s home away from home — the rest-and-reset we all need every once in a while.

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