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The Weekend Agenda: Check Out These 3 Dining Hotspots at Sunset Lane


West side represent – Clementi’s neighbourhood stretch of Sunset Way has been transformed into a cosy cluster of F&B outlets, boasting alluring dining options that offering hearty food spanning a variety of popular cuisines. Set up by Aquilyne Capital, the foodie haven known as Sunset Lane aims to become a destination brand and pioneer a food trail site in the Western part of Singapore. 

We stuffed our bellies sampling the different eateries, and here are our top three picks:

Smokey’s BBQ For the authentic American style barbeque experience, complete with homemade dressings, seasonings and even a smoker designed and built from scratch to impart premium flavours, head down to Smokey’s BBQ. To keep it 100% Americana, even the wood chips, cooking equipment and decor are imported from the good ol’ US of A. For lovers of the New Yorkian delight, Buffalo wings, Smokey’s offers a selection of wings in varying intensities of spice. Tossed in Smokey’s classic Buffalo wing sauce, a balanced mouthful of salty, sweet and a hint of tang comes through, especially when dipped generously in their homemade blue cheese dip.

Megumi Restaurant  Who doesn’t love good sashimi? Megumi Restaurant, one of the better Japanese cuisine haunts in Singapore, understands the Singaporean passion for quality raw fish, and delivers with their premium selection, air flown from the Land of the Rising Sun itself. Thick slices were intensely juicy, with a dash of sweetness that is only found in the freshest sashimi. While many eateries fail with their attempts at Japanese fusion, Megumi does it surprisingly well. Putting a French spin on teriyaki, Megumi introduces Pan Fried Foie Gras Teriyaki. Fat overload aside, the dish’s creaminess paired with the inherent candied umami flavour of a well executed teriyaki sauce make the dish a decadent indulgence.

The Tiny Roaster Cap off your eating escapade by making a pit stop at this quaint coffee joint. With a focus on solely coffee, the coffee studio and brew bar boasts a range of coffees based in beans roasted in-house, as well as their own adaptations of the classic latte, known as White Brews. Distinctly rich and well-bodied, the White Brews meld acidity and floral notes to create a balanced mouthful that packs quite a caffeine punch. Those who grumble about their ice cubes diluting their coffees, White Brews are served with a frozen ball of Cold Brew coffee that enhances the overall flavour of the drink.