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YHB Sleepsalot and Feez. Go ‘Under’ and Get Happy

YHB Sleepsalot and Feez. Go ‘Under’ and Get Happy

YHB Sleepsalot and Feez. Go "Under" and Get Happy
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Sure, being a polyglot helps if you’re a melomaniac — the former, someone who knows several language and the latter, someone who really loves music — but sometimes, we forget that music has this incredible ability to transcend language barriers. It can even be said that you can live for a song even if you don’t understand it because hey, a banger is a banger. It just has to have a good beat, a smooth rhythm and perhaps, a cord somewhere in it that strokes a chord with you: sort of like how we can listen to songs in a foreign language easily if they are of a genre we love.

Here, YHB Sleepsalot and Feez. (an R&B artist under HVT Entertainment) takes us through their collab single titled ‘Under’: a mash up of pop, hip-hop and dance music. 

Hello to the both of you! For anybody unfamiliar with you…can you introduce yourself in 10 words or less?
Feez.: An aspiring Singaporean Malay artist who grew up in Canada.

YHB Sleepsalot: I’m really just a guy who enjoys music and making it.



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How did the both of you decide to collaborate? What do you think is the biggest strength of each other?
Feez.: The reason we both decided to collaborate was actually through music producer and Head A&R of HVT Entertainment – RIIDEM, who suggested the idea during the process of creating the song. I thought it was an incredible idea due to the fact that both of us are young and came from the ‘underground’ scene in Singapore. YHB Sleepsalot is a talented artist and creates/has his own sound which in itself is a big strength. Having him on the song amplified what was already there, taking it to another level. Delivering melodic flows with intricate lyrics, I’m glad that we both were able to combine our styles and create this amazing song.

YHB Sleepsalot: I was introduced to Feez. by my producer and close friend RIIDEM. I think Feez. is a very hardworking individual with a very strong drive to achieve great things.



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You know, what’s so interesting would be that UNDER is quite a banger. It’s really quite proof that a good melody can transcend language barriers. Do the both of you perhaps feel the same?
Feez.: [Laughs] I appreciate that you think it’s a banger. I believe that music doesn’t have any boundaries and that it’s an art of its own. Anybody can listen to Korean or Malay or Latin music, but it’s the way the song makes you feel and react that transcends that ‘barrier’.

YHB Sleepsalot: Yes, I always feel that music is universal. It transcends more than language itself and it’s such a powerful form of art that brings people and communities together.


Is rapping about love perhaps new to you? What do you think is the exact “mode” of love in this song?
Feez.: Rapping about love is not new to me. Majority of my songs roam within that realm, as I like to create and build scenarios through my lyrics to connect with others on a broader scale. The ‘Mode’ of love happening throughout ‘UNDER’ is that you’re so deeply infatuated with the other person that you’re ‘falling under’. It’s that type of love where you’ll do anything for them, no matter what the situation is.

YHB Sleepsalot: Love is one of the strongest emotions I’ve felt, so having the chance to and being able to write about it is something special to me. For my verse, I wrote about how love and pain can actually be a beautiful thing that helps us grow and mature as people.



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How much of your life is reflected in the song?
Feez.: I believe that love is in everything that we do, whether it’s between family, friends, or partners. Though the song is about falling deeply in love, It can be interpreted in different ways. Just like how I fell in love with music – endless sleepless nights, never ending thoughts and a passion I would take risks for. Of course there’s some part of my love life included within the song but I crafted it in a way so that everyone can relate to it.

YHB Sleepsalot: Just how I was feeling the night I recorded it.


Can you share an interesting story about the recording of the song?
Feez.: This song was actually created in English with my cousin and producer, Dan Rafaael, before I was signed to HVT Entertainment. I then decided to take a turn in my career and explore my roots, by incorporating Malay lyrics and pushing myself as a bilingual artist. We also got the talented EDM producer, FOXELA, on the track and that’s where the EDM elements came in. What makes this track so interesting is the exploration process I went through. Mixing R&B with Malay lyrics and adding the touches of electronic sonics, are components that I had never thought to mix with each other.

YHB Sleepsalot: Feez. and I recorded our parts separately, so we’ve actually never met, until after we finished the song.

How about the writing of the lyrics then?
Feez.: Since this was my first time writing in Malay, I had help from Dan Rafaael and a talented local artist, Aisha Ayesha. They both assisted in translating my lyrics to Malay and it made the process very smooth. Even though it’s not easy to transition to a bilingual artist, I’m very grateful to have the backing of my amazing friends and the team from HVT Entertainment to guide me.

YHB Sleepsalot: I had a studio session with RIIDEM and he pulled this song out. I instantly knew exactly how I was going to go on it. It took me about 10 minutes to write it and we recorded it that night itself.

What then is your favourite lyric from the song?
Feez.: My favourite lyric would have to be “Ku janjikan ku sentiasa setia”, which translates to “I promise that I’ll always be faithful”. I love it because it resonates throughout the song and conveys a strong and beautiful message.

YHB Sleepsalot: “Pernah Tak kau rasa? Bumi yang tiasa masa.”

Out of curiosity, what’s your #1 song on Spotify this year?

Feez.: My #1 song would have to be my most recent favourite, Nostálgico’ by Rvssian, Rauw Alejandro, and Chris Brown. It’s an urban Latin song, a genre that I’ve been vibing with and the fact that it has my favourite artist on it, just seals the deal.

YHB Sleepsalot: Sneakin by Drake and 21 Savage.

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