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#MFMF99: Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Getting Older” Playlist

#MFMF99: Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Getting Older” Playlist

#MFMF99: Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Getting Older” Playlist A fellow colleague who is on the brink of turning 30 once asked me what it is like hitting the big three. Without much deliberation, I blurted out my earnest response, “there are things you don’t give a f*#^ as much as you would.” You care less about what people think of the way you dress, eat, walk, talk or anything they would probably critique you for. We receive this advice on a frequent basis, especially in this age where we crave and seek validation more than ever. Ironic. Now that I let slip my age, here is my “Getting Older” playlist.

Billie Eilish — Getting Older 


A fitting song to the playlist is the opening track for Billie Eilish’s new album about responsibility, revelations and past trauma.

I’m gettin’ older, I think I’m agin’ well \ I wish someone had told me I’d be doin’ this by myself \ There’s reasons that I’m thankful, there’s a lot I’m grateful for.

John Mayer — Wild Blue

The wait for Mayer’s album is finally over and Wild Blue is a testament to why the wait was worth it. Of course it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a fan of Mayer but you should give this song a chance. It talks about maturity and finding yourself after ending a tough relationship especially in the outro — And you’ll never know \ The unlikely beauty in letting you go.

Tame Impala — Patience

A song to remind that everyone lives in their own time and phases in life. Don’t feel too bothered by peers who are starting families early, starting military service a year after your friends or taking longer to complete your studies because at the end of the day time takes from everyone.

Blink-182 — What’s My Age Again

A fun track to end the playlist; never forget age is merely a number.

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