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These are The Best April 2021 Grooming Launches

These are The Best April 2021 Grooming Launches

The curation of these April 2021 grooming launches is informed by cutting edge technology, ease of use and a new democratic approach to male beauty.

PICTURED ABOVE: DR.JART+ CTRL-A TEATREEMENT™ SERIES: What can products containing tea tree oil — one of the oldest acne-fighting treatments — do better than those using benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid? Less irritation albeit a longer window for results. How has DR.JART+ improved its formula? Three different versions of tea tree oil that rebalance, hydrate and are PH friendly for all skin types.

These Are the Best April 2021 Grooming Launches oribe serene scalp
ORIBE SERENE SCALP SERIES: A basic knowledge of skincare will have one familiar with the exfoliating properties of AHAs and the hydrating benefits of shea butter and panthenol. The more interesting ingredients in one of the latest April 2021 grooming launches are the likes of biotin for cuticle strengthening and Capixyl™ (which is featured in the Thickening Treatment Spray) that promotes thicker hair. 

TOM FORD RESEARCH INTENSIVE TREATMENT LOTION + EMULSION: These two products still contain the same ingredients found in the Serum Concentrate, Eye Repair Concentrate, Crème Concentrate — hyaluronic acid, energising caffeine and gyokuro. What has Mr Ford done to justify its usage? A decadently rich but fluid formula that if need be, can be used anywhere else besides the face. 

These Are the Best April 2021 Grooming Launches shiseido men makeup

SHISEIDO MENFirst launched in the West in 2003, then journeying to the East in 2004 and brought into the now in 2021, Shiseido Men has launched a makeup line just in time to form a set of April 2021 grooming launches. A set of four products — BB cream, lip balm, concealer and eyebrow fixer — that promises up to eight hours of hydration and each conveniently washes off easily with just a facial cleanser.

SKINCEUTICALS SILYMARIN CF: Silymarin is derived from milk thistle extract, an ingredient that promotes a reduction in acne. At an optimum dosage of 0.5%, it works alongside L-ascorbic, ferric and salicylic acid to prevent excessive oil production leading to breakouts. Its oil-free formula is also very much welcomed in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. 

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