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Ezekiel Ong is What We Call A Professional Animal Communicator

Ezekiel ong is What We Call a Professional Animal Communicator
One of the most popular AMAs (that’s short for Ask Me Anything) on Reddit last year was “I’m an Animal Communicator (Can talk to animals) AMA” — a sign that despite there being 170 breeds of dogs and 71 breeds of cats, we might not know what our furry friend might be thinking.

This is where Ezekiel Ong aka Animal Communications Singapore comes in or as he puts it himself, “I act as the translator and the voice for the animal and take all these information and put it into words for the person to understand.”

Here, we get the telepath to tell us more about his gig. And surprisingly, you’re capable of it too (sort of).

Hi Ezekiel, tell us exactly what do you do?
I am an animal communicator and my job is to be the bridge between humans and pets. My goal is to strengthen bonds by being a voice for the animals while helping the owners to understand their pets better.

I am able to communicate with animals both in person or via a photograph.

Is it true that we are all born with telepathic skills? But telepathic skills are quite varied so what exact ones do we have?
Yes, we are all born with some telepathic skills to a certain extent.  However, with time and upbringing, we tend to bury our telepathic skills and rely more on our logic and reasoning as they are deemed as better or stronger in our society.

Examples of being telepathically suppressed can be being told to not rely on your feelings or to not emote or to learn to move beyond your feelings.

The only way to know what we telepathically have is to pause, learn to focus on ourselves, and go within us to explore what are the gifts or skills that are dormant.

The question then is how do you telepathically talk to animals? Do they speak back in english?
Animal communication is done in the mind; like how a person engages in self-talk.

The only difference is that we are trained to discern whether the messages that we picked up are from ourselves or from the animals that we are connected to.

The interesting thing is that there seems to be a universal language out there. If I am speaking English, usually the response will also be in English.

What are some day-to-day telepathic instances that happen?
The more common ones are having a gut feeling or having a premonition that something bad or good is going to happen. Or, stepping into a room and sensing that something is amiss or tension is high.

Ezekiel ong is What We Call a Professional Animal Communicator
What is the strangest animal communication experience you’ve had?
I’ve never had any strange experience with an animal.  Talking to animals is like engaging in a conversation with a kid and no two kids are the same.

There are some kids that are truthful, playful or even active. You should check out some of the reviews that we shared on our Facebook page as those are very touching,

Is it easy for an owner to recognise some cues that his animal is perhaps mentally unwell?
Yes, it is usually easy for an owner to recognise some cues. Owner and pets share a special connection and when the pet is behaving in a different manner, the owners are able to sense it.

How does animal communication work for you?
The owner will send me a few pictures of their pets and a list of questions that they want to ask them. They will also give me a separate list of messages that they wish for me to relay to them.

At the appointment time, I will telepathically connect to their pets and have a conversation with them.  After I am done, I will call the owner back to share with them what I have picked up.

Ezekiel ong is What We Call a Professional Animal Communicator

What does an animal tell you when they are ready to pass on?
The animals will usually share their bucket list and once the owners fulfill their bucket list, they will be able to go more peacefully.

During an animal communication session, other than asking questions, we are also holding the space for the furkids to share what is in their heart. Rhe fur kids will feel more relieved after they got an opportunity to speak their mind.

Most of the time, the furkids are concerned and worried about their owner’s well-being, that’s why they want to hold on a bit longer.

How then do you communicate with an animal that has passed on?
In the same manner to how I do normal animal communication. It’s done telepathically using photos. The owner just needs to send us some basic info of their pet like its name, age or gender, and the list of questions and messages they have.

What do you wish more pet owners knew about their pets?
To our pets, we mean the world to them. Try to spend more time with them and have a work-life balance. Many times, a pet owner will reprioritise their time and schedule only when their pet is critically ill or  at the end of the journey on earth. Don’t wait until it’s too late; try to create as many happy memories so that you will live your life with minimal regrets.

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