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The Body Language of Legacy Dance Co.

The Body Language of Legacy Dance Co.

A sense of spontaneity, precise movement matched with grace and a heart to soul conversation that transcends gender boundaries — the qualities that the five instructors from Legacy Dance Co. share with the Ermenegildo Zegna x FEAR OF GOD collection.

Legacy Dance Co
The story of Legacy Dance Co. (@legacy.dco) started in 2014 after a group of friends, who met during their Co-Curricular Activities days at Ngee Ann Poly, wanted to pursue their dream of starting a dance company together.

They have performed and competed together on numerous occasions both locally and overseas for events like the World Supremacy Battlegrounds in Melbourne, Singapore Dance Delight and Co-Exist — an annual dance competition organised by themselves.

(From left to right)
Ryan —
“My genre of dance is me — a culmination of my interests, quirks, and everyday inspiration I consume both knowingly and unknowingly. I’ve been dancing for 13 years and my inspirations are Denzel Washington and Gary Vee. I got started because my primary school friend invited me to perform when I was Primary five!”

Chelsea — “I’ve been dancing for a long time and I’m inspired by everybody around me — my family, my teachers and my friends. I also draw inspiration from the dancers whom I’ve had the privilege to get to know or work with. If I’ve had to describe my style though then it’s probably lyrical meets contemporary meets alien weirdo.”

Andre — “I would call my style ‘girls’ style’! But I’m constantly trying to explore and learn new things and it’s a journey — one that I’ve been on for about five years when I first embarked on at NTU MJ where I was actually inspired by one of my close friends, Carmen. I saw her dancing on stage and I was completely hypnotised — that was the ignition for me to take up dancing.”

Jacob —  “I feel the freest when I am not bounded by any rules or basics and I like to explore other genres while training myself to be a versatile dancer. I would say that my dance style is choreography — a fusion of steps from multiple other styles that also takes inspiration from choreographers like Keone, Mari Madrid, Sorah Yang and my teammates around me.”

Hazique — “One part hip hop and the other part swag — that’s what I call my style of dance and I’ve been dancing for about five to six years since I joined my polytechnic’s dance club. The people that inspired to get started would definitely have to be the JabbaWockeez, and then Sh*t Kingz after.”

(From left to right) Wool gabardine coat, T-shirt and wool pants. Rings, Ryan’s own; Cotton shirt, wool jacket and cotton-velvet sweatpants; Wool sweater, cotton-velvet pants. Earrings, Andre’s own; Cotton sweater, wool-twill pants; Wool Gabardine jacket, cotton T-shirt and wool gabardine pants.

Legacy Dance Co.
Jiajun — Pictured in the middle is Jiajun — the founder of Legacy Dance Co. — who banded this merry group of steppers. “I started dancing in 2003 because of NSYNC,” says Jiajun and in fact, all it takes is It’s Gonna Be Me by NSYNC to get him crunk.

“Our mission at Legacy Dance Co. is to use the art of dance to inspire the next generation of youths”.

Chelsea — “My go-to dance song is hard to pick but it’s anything of the praise and worship genre or anything old school like Daryl Hall and John Oates. Don’t ask any of my team members for their embarrassing or funny moments because I think I’ve got the most!”

Jacob — “Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet — That’s hands down my favourite song to dance to. Embarrassing or funny moments? To be confirmed.”

(From left to right) Wool gabardine coat, cotton shirt, wool gabardine pants, suede and leather driving loafers; Wool jacket, wool sweater, wool pants, suede and leather driving loafers; Wool jacket, cotton T-shirt, wool sweatpants, calfskin leather belt, suede and leather driving loafers.

Ryan —
“Saint Tropez by Post Malone. And an embarrassing moment that I’ve seen of my team mates? Next!”

Andre — “I listen and dance to all kinds of songs because each genre inspires a different kind of movement and vibe. So, I would say I don’t really have one that is an absolute go-to. If you asked me for a funny moment, Hazique and I had to clean a jacuzzi tub at his house and we totally forgot that it would’ve been a better idea to internally flush out the dirt and debris before starting to clean it. Everything sprayed out when we turned it on and we had to clean it all over again. It was an experience.”

Hazique — “My go-to dance song would be Juice by Chris Brown. And for your second question, hasn’t Andre already told you? It involves a mishap involving us cleaning a jacuzzi.”

(From left to right) Gabardine jacket, cotton shirt, wool-twilll pants, suede and leather driving loafers; Bracelet and rings, Ryan’s own; Wool jacket, cotton shirt, wool joggers, calfskin leather belt, suede and leather driving loafers; Earrings, Andre’s own Wool gabardine coat, cotton T-shirt, wool-twill sweatpants, suede and leather driving loaers.

Photography Cher Him
Styling Bryan Goh
Styling Assistant Manfred Lu
Makeup and Grooming Priscelia Wong using NARS
Hair Christvian Goh using KEUNE

All clothing and shoes from the Fear of God exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna collection.

This story first appeared in the September 2020 issue of Men’s Folio Singapore.