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#MFMF65: Editor-In-Chief Wilson’s Bath Time Playlist

#MFMF65: Editor-In-Chief Wilson’s Bath Time Playlist

While there exists the pre-conceived notion that bath time is for belting empowering tunes and for the showers to drown out said vocals, I enjoy my bath time tunes from a different spectrum — dance tunes (also: EDM).

I have no issues with my singing voice (I’m not intending to serenade any audience ever) but I also don’t want to be lip-syncing to any songs (no handbag house please).

No disrespect here but I want to focus all my energy on feeling my oats.

There’s something freeing to be said of having all your appendage jiggling au natural while dancing in a faux rain setting.

These recent songs have been getting me to shake while soaping off (FYI, I don’t leave the water running).

Joel Corry X MNEK — Head & Heart

If anyone remembers Paul Oakenfold’s remixes of Top 40s in the 2000s, this ba-ba-ba-dum tune should sit comfortably in his list of earworms.

If not, how does “nostalgia porn” sound?

Steve Aoki — Love You More ft. Lay Zhang &

Dance like Zhang or bop like Aoki — your choice. Towards the end of the video, you’ll see Zhang dancing in that faux rain setting I was talking about earlier.

Topic — Breaking Me ft. A7S

Can I get a “YYYYAAAAAAASSSSSS” to hairography for this song? Just imagine flailing that water or shampoo out of your wet hair onto the bathroom tiles, whoever is cleaning the toilet will be pissed!

Ty Dolla $ign — Ego Death ft. Kanye West, FKA twigs & Skrillex

I was adamant on including this song regardless of the theme I was set, but it worked out because you definitely can shake your booty in the showers to this.

Every phrase in Kanye’s rap is lyrical gold, FKA twig’s trance-like vocals, the sick beats of Skrillex then there’s… the scruff of Ty Dollar $ign — all coming together to let you know there’s no ego (or another song) when it comes to jiggling naked.