#MFMF51: Fashion Stylist & Writer Manfred’s Late To The Party Playlist


For much of the early 2000s, I was stuck in a tiny dome that had no access to the rest of the world. I was still in primary school, I had no internet (my dear mother thought it was an incubator for demons to grow in my head), I had no idea what MTV was and had a strict routine of just church and public education. That meant I had no idea who Beyonce was then, or that she was once part of Destiny’s Child. No, I had no idea what hip-hop and R&B were either, or that it was one of the biggest genres of that time. Songs I would listen to were just a measly small rotation of Bjork, Celine Dion, Enya & Frou Frou (it’s a weird combo I know)

It wasn’t until I left secondary school when I discovered all the music that I was missing out on. Needless to say, to listen to music you thought you knew for the first time was quite the experience. But I had my share of running into instances where everyone was referencing something from that time and I just sat there pretending I got it when I actually had no clue what the sheer dress Rose Mcgowan wore on the red carpet at the 1998 VMAs was. I mean, just recently I discovered Everytime by Britney Spears and I was so taken aback by how great a track it is, and how much of the period I missed out on. So here are four hit songs that I only just discovered — when I should’ve years ago. 

Britney Spears — Everytime

Here’s the funny thing, the song was actually co-written by Guy Sigworth, half of the duo behind Frou Frou which I listened to a lot as a kid. Initially, when I came across this song, I thought it’d be like any other pop track Spears was famous for, but this ballad just hits differently. 

Metro Station — Kelsey

This luscious synth-pop track by Metro Station (yeah, the band with a Cyrus in it) was apparently one of many songs that influenced people with the synth-pop nostalgia we’re stuck with today. But the effect was different for me, I grew to like this track because of my love for anything with synths in them. 

Gwen Stefani — Cool 

I discovered this song at the karaoke with a bunch of friends. It was actually what made me realise how much I missed out in my childhood. If I was given just four minutes left to live, I’ll play this song. 

t.A.T.u — All The Things She Said 

Yet another cultural reference I wasn’t familiar with until just recently, I first heard this song on Soundcloud as a remix and still can’t get over the fact that I missed this out as a teen. #Iwantmychildhoodback