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Fariz Jabba And omarKENOBI On Their Latest Single “Kalah”

Fariz Jabba And omarKENOBI On Their Latest Single “Kalah”

At the time of reporting, Kalah (Malay for lose) has already garnered some pretty crazy comments on the internet.

1. “Ok my fat is on fire listening this bars,RIP CORONA”.
2. Mom can we have wanda and cosmo.  Mom: we have wanda and cosmo at home. Wanda and cosmo at home:
3. Yow I’m vibbin, full stereo volume, now my house on fire.

What do these comments have to say that possibly cancels out the editorial angle we’ve planned for this story? Well, it’d be that “Kalah” could possible replace Fariz’s hit single “Masa” as his latest chart banger and for good reason.

“We decided we weren’t going to think twice about how we felt when we wrote the lyrics, so the silly and witty lines in the song are my most honest thoughts,” confessed Fariz Jabba but then again when has the 23-year old not? But this balls-to-the-wall swagger does not come undeserved; it comes from the attitude Fariz has been putting into his work since day one.

“No matter how much life tries to knock you down, admitting defeat is not an option!”

omarKENOBI, 1/3 of rap group Mediocre Haircut Crew , produces and drops some bars in the song with the trap meets hip hop hook inspired from his own uninhibited and unapologetic artistic liberties. “What started out as a fun song for Fariz and I turned out to be something a lot bigger. Creating ‘Kalah’ was one of those moments of pure unadulterated fun and I was so excited when I found out the release was a go,” says omarKENOBI.

It’s fun, it’s satirical in a good way and it’s a heavy shot of humour; just what the doctor called in these apocalyptic times. “Kalah” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music and deezer.