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#MFMF49: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s Sad-But-Drunk Party of One Playlist

#MFMF49: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s Sad-But-Drunk Party of One Playlist

Does anybody remember a time where you could leave the house, meet a group of 10 friends (we’re assuming you have more than two) and not get arrested and/or fined? That’s me every weekend now when I lie a crumpled mess on my bed, but because self pity is for losers and Taylor Swift, I’ve been throwing my own parties at home.

I open a bottle of insert-any-alcohol-brand, gather my unwilling pets and dance wildly in my own room — that is until my neighbours complain because I apparently sound like I’m “demonically possessed”, that’s rude — I’d to think that I’m expressing myself.

Here, four songs I’ve been really into playing in the solitary confines of my room.

Calvin Harris — Merrymaking At My Place

Nobody is brave enough to admit this over the internet but Calvin Harris’ music kind of got sucky after he got hot. It’s like suddenly gaining a six pack and a mysteriously large package rendered him into a pop-music-meets-EDM playing hack.

I still silently mourn his I Created Disco album which was one part dance-pop and one part French-disco inflected. 

Daft Punk — Face to Face

The video’s debut in 2009 coincided with my strange young adulthood fascination with aliens. Seriously, I used to spend hours reading Majestic 12 conspiracy theories. The video is a little trippy — sci-fi meets aliens meets crazy Black Mirror level technology — I feel like the music video teaches us the qualities we need as human beings.

Love! Compassion! Sincerity! Camaraderie!

Deee-Lite — Groove Is In the Heart

In my previous life as a stylist at a women’s magazine, I was struggling to conceptualise a Versace shoot until my editor sent me a link for this music video. It’s everything I loved about the 1980s — feel good vibes, acid-tripping visuals and high octane camp — without including the bad like the assination of John Lennon (ahh), Chernobyl (ahhhh) and the massive spread of AIDS (ahhhhhhhhhhh).

Mos Def — Ms. Fat Booty

For some odd reason, I had so much time on my hands in 2015 that I could party at Refuge three times a week back when it was located at Upper Circular Road.

I have a fond memory of this song where confetti exploded from the ceiling when this song played on New Year’s Eve. I keep a piece in my “sentimental memories” box alongside Neoprints and friendship-day letters.