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Diesel Is “Ready to Unwear” This Summer


Irony is present in the best forms of art, from stage, writing to even fashion. We see contradictions, juxtapositions and ironies everywhere in fashion, from what we wear to what we don’t. Diesel’s new summer campaign is aptly, or rather ironically titled, “Ready to Unwear”, a play on the common industry moniker, “ready-to-wear”.

DIESEL_SS18_UNWEAR_SPREAD_RainThe idea is simple. Summer is frisky, hot and a perfect time to show off the tanned bodies and legs at the beach or pool, and hence the need for lesser clothes. The bigger idea here is less is more, where we embrace simplicity, and go against the norm. If mercury is rising, and the air is sticky from the humidity, the least we could do is unwear.

Tapping on the key message to unwear, Diesel brings on the wardrobe that is perfect for men and women to take it off quickly, especially in the heat of the moment. Think of yanking off Diesel’s logo belt before the denims come off and hitting the sack on a hot summer’s night – with or without a partner. Or getting soaked over cropped tees, jean shorts, leather mini skirts and boots at a music festival. Or how about removing those bleached bermudas and flame-licked swimsuits after a sexy pool party? 

DIESEL_SS18_UNWEAR_SPREAD_FestivalThe campaign celebrates and promotes anti-conformity and a personal choice to never ride the tide. Instead, we’re skinny dipping against the expectation and all shook to take it off, or as Diesel ironically put it, ready to unwear.